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Combat Bomber is renewed for 2022

Combat Motors is transitioning to optimizing its massive catalog models, starting with its impressive FA-13 Combat Bomber cruiser, very subtly retouched for the occasion. But this without minimizing the look of him from the “Terminator” of the street.

Combat Motors are one of those exclusive bikes, whose originality is matched only by the asking price. Reserved for wealthy customers, iThe Combat Bomber stands out for its radical approach, to say the least. A cruiser straight out of the future, whose design revolves around a luxurious aluminum monocoque frame.

Available in aluminum color or black painted, the Bomber is original from start to finish: double triangulated parallelogram fork for the front, single cantilever shock absorber for the rear suspension. Not to mention the architecture of the large S&S twin, of which it is an integral part of the unique style of the bike.

Combat Bomber, what’s new

The micro modifications of this 2022 version mainly concern the suspended saddle, which is more raised thanks to the addition of an element in the back. The same goes for the footpegs, which are now even more advanced. Ergonomic alterations that will however require a completely different driving position.

Aside from these minor tweaks, the cruiser is still powered by the huge S&S twin-cylinder engine and 2,163 cc for 121.6 horsepower and 196 Nm of torque. A “beast” that allows you to reach a maximum speed announced at 257 km / h.

For the rest, the cycling part can count on 19-inch wheels at the front and 17 at the rear, both in carbon fiber, and equipped with large disc brakes. Available to order, the Combat Bomber cruiser is for a select few. In fact, it requires a down payment of $ 5,000, for a total price of $ 125,000. Or, for a wealthy enthusiast who would like to afford it in Europe, about 140,000 euros including taxes. At this price, we hope that at least the delivery is free.

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