Compex: tips for a Christmas full of hi-tech gifts!

Do you need to make a hi-tech gift for Christmas? Here are the recommendations of the Compex manufacturer, leader in solutions dedicated to sports and non-athletes

Compex he certainly needs no introduction, he is undoubtedly one of the world leaders, qualitatively speaking, in the production sector of state-of-the-art electronic devices, both at the service of medical rehabilitation, both for the professional and amateur sports sector.

For the latter segment of the public we do not need to explain what Compex does specifically, for those who do not know their products, Compex produces products intended for fitness at 360 degrees, ranging from the most famous professional electrostimulators of all time, up to Massage Gun (which you will have come to know also through our reviews), ending up with the most innovative systems of Cold Form therapy and pressotherapy.

Compex: tips for a Christmas full of hi-tech gifts!

Compex Ayre in action

So let’s see the showcase of products that Compex has decided to highlight for upcoming holiday season, so as to opt for an appreciated regalo hi-tech.

Here are the products select them for a hi-tech Christmas!

Compex Mini

One of the latest arrivals to the Californian house is there Mini version from the famous series FIT and SP of electrostimulators.

Compex: tips for a Christmas full of hi-tech gifts!

Primarily designed with a view to portability and ease of use. This new model relies on a Dedicated app, consists of only two modules connectable via bluetooth system and through the appropriate App it will be possible to download the user manual of the product, so as to consult the positioning of electrodes in the correct way according to the affected muscle section.

Compex comments on the product as follows: “it can give relief to sore muscles after a tour of cities and ancient villages, a long working day spent standing or after several hours sitting in a car or plane”. And in fact you are not mistaken, the applications rely on the well-known patented systems of Muscle Relaxation, TENS / Pain Relief, Warm-Up, Active Recovery, Resistant Strength and finally of Aerobic Endurance.

A Smart, wireless and portable product, all at the price of 269,00 Euro.

Compex SP 8.0

Model Compex SP 8.0 represents the spearhead of the house, in this model it is possible to find the most innovative technologies concerning rehabilitation, recovery, and enhancement. Widely used in the therapeutic and sports fields, in this model you will find 4 extremely interesting functions for those who practice sports at high levels, or simply want to stay healthy by relying on a high quality product.

4 the functions that make this product unique; Mi-Scan: which analyzes the muscle and automatically adapts the stimulation parameters to the user’s physiology, Mi-Tens: which facilitates the adjustment of stimulation intensities while using anti-pain programs, for optimal results and to make the process automated without the need for user intervention, just like the function Mi-Autorange: a new feature that allows you to manage the most appropriate stimulation level in a completely automatic way, and finally Mi-Action, which optimizes the effectiveness of the session, associating voluntary muscle contractions with those induced by electrostimulation.

Compex: tips for a Christmas full of hi-tech gifts!

Specially designed for those who practice sport intensely, aims at specific programs to increase and maintain muscle strength, help improve performance, work on one’s weak points and facilitate recovery. The instrument is obviously wireless and, thanks to the absence of wires that connect it to the electrodes positioned on the muscles, it is possible to perform strengthening exercises synchronously with absolute agility with electrical impulses, for a more effective treatment.

Compex: tips for a Christmas full of hi-tech gifts!

Compex SP 8.0 is equipped with 40 programs suitable for physical preparation, rehabilitation, fitness, recovery phase or massage and, last but not least, pain management. The cost for this product is 1269.00 Euros, at the time of writing this article, is currently on offer at the discounted price of € 999.00.

Compex Ayre

The product in question is represented by hi-tech leggings for pressotherapy. The latter for the uninitiated is a type of treatment based on the external pressure of the patient’s limbs, originally designed to improve water retention, the lymphatic or circulatory system under stress. Compex Ayre has been specially designed to promote rapid recovery, help to improve circulation sanguine, promote the elimination of lactate (post workout) and other toxins.

Compex: tips for a Christmas full of hi-tech gifts!

Portable and easy to use at any time, Compex Ayre work in total autonomy: each leg is equipped with rechargeable battery and being wireless they do not require any connection to the power outlet during use. In addition, the compression controls are also directly integrated on the leggings, so as to facilitate use and avoid the clutter of any cables.

The lithium-ion battery has an autonomy of three hours. They were designed by the DJO Global team, one of the largest orthopedic companies in the world, with great attention to the effectiveness of the product and the protection of those who use it. The price for this product is 649.00 Euros.

We leave you the link to the manufacturer’s page and its current offers. If you want to continue to know the latest news from the hardware world, keep following us. Greetings from

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