L'iPhone modificato con USB-C viene venduto a più di 80.000 $ thumbnail

The USB-C modified iPhone retails for more than $ 80,000

The USB-C modified iPhone retails for more than $ 80,000 thumbnail

What started as a simple engineering project has now turned into a big boon to the creator of the device after an auction for the first iPhone USB-C to the world ended with a winning bid of $ 86.001. In recent weeks, the engineering student’s project Ken Pillonel to add a working USB-C port to an iPhone X has sparked the interest of the network. Pillonel’s custom USB-C iPhone supports both charging and data transfer options with no impact on performance.

Apple: Custom iPhone with USB-C is a hit

In a recent video detailing the project, Pillonel showed not only how he had to decode the C94 connector Apple to replace the traditional porta Lightning from Apple, but it was also necessary to create a custom circuit to fit the chassis to the slightly larger connector of the USB-C port.

After successfully creating the world’s first iPhone with a working USB-C port, Pillonel put it up for auction on eBay.

However, as impressive as the project is, it wasn’t clear where the final price would go. This is because after the initial offer stabilized at around $ 1,000 (the price of a new iPhone), bystanders upped the ante to $ 30,000 before hitting a whopping $ 80,000. There have even been some offers over $ 100,000 which were subsequently withdrawn.

The auction officially closed this morning with a winning bid of $ 86,001. Some might frame the project as a simple proof of style, especially since it was created using an old iPhone X, but the victory and public interest are proof of how desperately people want a USB-C iPhone.

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