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Connectivity in 2023 according to D-Link

D-Link has shared its predictions regarding what could be there connectivity in 2023. We are talking about a theme that has become increasingly central in recent years, also thanks to a myriad of jobs that today can be carried out wherever we want.

D-Link, with PoE connectivity reaches high levels

According to the company, special attention must be paid to the system PoEPower over Ethernet, which can be the right solution not only for families who want a stable and powerful connection, but above all for those who work on a permanent basis or in hybrid mode from home.

PoE is a technology for implementing wired Ethernet local area networks (LANs). In practice, only the electric current required to operate all devices connected to the Ethernet data cables. In this way there is also a good saving in bills.

5G, Wi-Fi 6 e Wi-Fi 7

Another novelty identified by D-Link are the new connections 5G, Wi-Fi 6 e Wi-Fi 7which will see an initial diffusion in 2023. However, for 5G we will have to wait a little longer, given that the necessary infrastructures are still under construction.

Otherwise, the new type of Wi-Fi 6 will spread faster and easier as SMEs and consumers look to bridge the connectivity gap.

Wi-Fi 7, on the other hand, is the real novelty as well as the most awaited as it mounts the Multi-Link Operation (MLO), i.e. the possibility that Wi-Fi 7-enabled devices can connect simultaneously on two bands.

Wi-Fi Protected Access 3 and the digital transformation of education and healthcare

We must not underestimate the need to better accommodate the challenges imposed by the cybersicurezza. In fact it is very probable, according to D-Link, that the connectivity of the near future will see the adoption of a specific wireless security standard, i.e. Wi-Fi Protected Access 3.

Furthermore, 2023 will see the education sector become more techy thanks to the digital transformation. For example the European Commission is working on SELFIE, a free online tool designed for teachers of all levels. However, IT teams must ensure that networks are not only equipped, but also properly protected.

Same thing goes for the health sector, where the digital healtcare has undergone an unprecedented acceleration in the years of the pandemic, to deal with the consequences that COVID-19 has brought with it not only within society but above all in terms of health.

Consequently, an information approach becomes fundamental, with ad hoc tools and fast connections such as to guarantee timely and high-level performance.

In short, according to D-Link, connectivity in 2023 will touch various areas, all interesting and all potential fertile ground for new technological leaps.

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