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Huawei Next Image Awards 2022: here are the winners

HUAWEI NEXT IMAGE Awards 2022 is the annual Huawei smartphone photo contest. A total of 54 winning works were presented and this year’s edition saw 3 winners of the Grand Prix, 24 of the Best-in-Category award and 27 of the Runner-up section. Among them, the Italian Enrica Brescia.

HUAWEI NEXT IMAGE Awards 2022, in cosa consiste

The HUAWEI NEXT IMAGE Awards 2022 aims to highlight the role of smartphone photography in daily life through outstanding works that showcase the breadth of human creativity. The 2022 edition brought together works that tackled different themes: Perfect Leap, Colourful World, Natural Vientiane, Family Bonds, e Animal Perspective.

The smartphone models used were mainly three and they are: HUAWEI P40 Pro, HUAWEI P30 Pro and HUAWEI P50 Pro. Italy was the second country, after China, to have sent the largest number of works.

HUAWEI NEXT IMAGE Awards 2022, the three grand prize winners

Enrica Brescia First Prize

The international jury awarded the First Prize to three works, “FORCE” by Adão Filipe Fernandes Salgado, “Fireworks” di Wang Zihaoe “Just Shaen” by Enrica Brescia and awarded their respective authors a $10,000 prize as encouragement for future artistic endeavours.

“It’s one of those rare and important moments in which you understand that the commitment and love you put into things, especially your passions, always pays off. And so it was,” he says Enrico Brescia. “I have been working with Huawei devices since 2009 when I represented the Italian photography of the HUAWEI P9 advertising campaign Change the way you see the world. Since then, these devices have played a central role in my work, especially in the Street and Portraiture fields“.

The new categories introduced

To the traditional categories of past editions – Outdoor, Portrait, Salve, Vita!, Storyboard, – this year have also been added Art, Fashion and Sport and, for the video part, Action, Narrative Short Film and Narrative Feature Film.

For each of the categories in the competition, 24 Best-in-Category winners were selected, awarded with the NEXT IMAGE Creative Fund, a fund that amounts to 1,500 dollars, and 27 Runner-ups who will receive a HUAWEI P50 Pro as a prize.

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