Continental ContiRoadAttack 4

Continental presenta ContiRoadAttack 4, il nuovo pneumatico per il segmento hyper-touring thumbnail

Continental Moto presented the ContiRoadAttack 4, a new tire concept for a sector that the Hanoverian company has dubbed “Hyper-Touring”,. This new definition is coined on the assumption that the new ContiRoadAttack 4 exceeds the traditional requirements for mileage, comfort, stability and wet grip of the sport-touring concept, while incorporating a feature of sports tires. Continental states that although the tire has been designed to equip the latest generation vehicles, it is also capable of improving the performance of older bikes.

His family currently consists of the ContiRoadAttack e ContiRoadAttack 2 , 2 GT and 3, in addition to the classics ContiRoad.

Compared to ContiRoadAttack 3 launched in 2017, its design is similar, but now the shoulders are smooth, which improves grip when folding. The central tread is also smooth, without grooves, for a more comfortable “touring” drive. Obviously benefits from all the technologies that the brand has applied to its family since when ContiRoadAttack was launched in 2005. In the following years the ContiRoadAttack 2 arrived, the ContiRoadAttack 2 EVO which in 2013 marked the debut of the new RainGrip compound and, as mentioned, the award-winning ContiRoadAttack 3 of 2017 which expanded the product features with EasyHandling technology.

Continental ContiRoadAttack 4, more safety in all conditions

In fact, the ContiRoadAttack 4 is equipped with all these technologies that the brand has launched over the years. We then start with the ZeroDegree stabilizing belt to which the TractionSkin, EasyHandling and MultiGrip technologies are added, which guarantee greater safety and durability. There is also the “famous” specific compound for wet riding RainGrip. But the real innovation put in place for this tire by the German company is technology GripLimitFeedback which guarantees an immediate response to high lean angles.

The ContiRoadAttack 4 will be on sale in January next year in sizes 120/70 x 17 “(front) and 160/60, 180/55, 190/50 and 190/55 for the 17” rear wheel.