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Continental CrossContact arriva Extreme E

Continental presents the new version of the tyre CrossContact Extreme E. For the third season of the championship offroad of electric SUVs. This started on 11 and 12 March with the stage of the Desert X Prix in Neom, Saudi Arabia. For the realization of the new model. Continental engineers achieve the goal of improving performance. And increase the use of sustainable materials.

Extreme E made up of approximately 43% recycled and renewable materials. Like silica derived from rice husk ash, a residue from agricultural processing. As well as machined steel and carbon black. Continental once again integrates polyester yarns into the tire design made from recycled PET plastic bottles.

In parallel with the increase in the use of new, more sustainable solutions. The group decreases Of due chili the overall weight of the CrossContact Extreme E, thus enabling a reduction in emissions.

Extreme E, the third generation uses the Continental ContiRe.Tex technology

l CrossContact Extreme E third generation uses Continental ContiRe.Tex technology. This involves the use of the polyester yarn obtained. From used PET bottles that are not recycled elsewhere. Because they only come from areas without a closed recycling loop.

Continental supplies a total of 30 tires for the entire Extreme E 2023 season. To each of the ten competing teams. For each tire requires about 60 recycled PET bottles. There are three models of Continental tires on the market. These use polyester from recycled PET bottles. The PremiumContact 6, the EcoContact 6 and the AllSeasonContact, each in five sizes.

continental pp xe conti beach 3Extreme E, the third generation Continental Cross Contact

Extreme E, sustainable plant fillers

Along with rubber, fillers like silica are also an essential part of building a tire. For example, silica helps significantly improve grip, rolling resistance and mileage. In the CrossContact Extreme E, rice husks are the starting material for sustainably produced silica.

The rice husk it is a rice waste and cannot be used as food or animal feed. The silica derived from the ash in this product is more energy efficient than that obtained from conventional materials such as quartz sand.

The third generation of the CrossContact Extreme E, optimized to ensure maximum performance in all weather conditions and on all types of terrain.

Extreme E, the words of Nels von Schnakenburg

“For the creation of the new tire, we have focused on the use of sustainable and recyclable materials and we are ready to face all the challenges that will arise in this new racing season”, he declares Nels von Schnakenburg, Technical Manager Extreme E of Continental. “We have also made further improvements that give the tire more handling and, consequently, optimize the handling of the vehicle. Furthermore, its performance and resistance make it suitable for tackling the complex challenges that Extreme E has in store”.

continental pp xet11373Extreme E, the third generation Continental Cross Contact

The size, diameter and width of the tire have remained unchanged from the previous generation, 37 X 12.50 R17, therefore 37 inches (940 mm) in diameter, 12.5 inches (317 mm) wide and 17 inches (432 mm) of circle.

Continental is the founding partner and exclusive tire supplier of the electric offroad series born in 2021. Extreme E takes motorsport with electric SUVs to the farthest corners of the earth to raise awareness of the effects of climate change among motorsport enthusiasts. The third season of the championship will be broadcast by various television stations in Europe.

Continental is pursuing a holistic approach to sustainability across all stages of the tire value chain and aims to become the most advanced tire manufacturer in terms of environmental and social responsibility. For the company, the circular economy represents an important solution to achieve the ambitious goal of climate neutrality along the entire value chain by 2050.

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