E3 2022 è stato ufficialmente cancellato

E3: fair officially cancelled

Here comes the dreaded confirmation: this year’s E3 has been officially cancelled. Let’s find out all the details in this news

Following the rumors of the past few days, the official confirmation now arrives: the 2023 edition of E3 has been officially cancelled. This was declared by the organizers of the ReedPop event, together with the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), who in the past few hours have made public a statement regarding the sad fate of the event, which has always been one of the most important reference points for community.

E3 2023 officially canceled

We know what you’re thinking and no, unfortunately it’s not an early April Fool’s Day. On the contrary, the news that the long-awaited E3 of this year has been officially canceled dates back to the last few hours. After going through a troubled few years that saw the famous LA fair first held entirely digitally and then canceled altogether due to safety measures implemented following the COVID-19 pandemic, this seemed like the right year to get back on stage.

E3: fair officially cancelled

After the announcement of the return to attendance and the promise of a great show, some big names in the gaming industry, including Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony, have decided to withdraw from the lineup. Unfortunately, the ranks of big names who then decided to skip the event has expanded more and more, up to the last known name, or Ubisoft, which recently confirmed its absence. In all likelihood these were the main reasons that finally pushed the organizers to make this sad decision.

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