Cormac McCarthy: Goodbye to bestselling author The Road and No Country for Old Men

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Farewell to American writer Cormac McCarthy; well-known author of The Road and No Country for Old Men, which later became film adaptations by John Hillcoat and the Coen brothers

The world says goodbye to the well-known American author Cormac McCarthy, who passed away at the age of 89. Known for publishing, La Strada and No Country for Old Men; two great bestsellers that have become Hollywood adaptations as remembered by John Hillcoat and the Coen brothers in their cinematic exploits. u

Published in Italy by Einaudi; Cormac McCarthy; always known for his style and touch full of stylistic elements: from the sharp direct and brutal language, touching high symbolic and evocative thresholds; until arriving at the true vengeful and indifferent nature. Referred to by many as the heir to Melville and Faulkne; the illustrious author leaves behind an unfillable void, filled by the creative hubbub of his literary works.

Cormac McCarthy: Goodbye to bestselling author The Road and No Country for Old Men

Cormac McCarthy: the cinema before the farewell, from La Strada, to No country for old men, up to The Counselor

Before his farewell, Cormac McCarthy was distinguished by his reserved and shy character; for its way of going unnoticed, but of being visible in the world of the invisible of US literature. Only last year despite his age, the author had returned to the spotlight of the literary world with novels; The Passenger and Stella Maris.

Best known for bestsellers The street e It’s no country for old men; his novels were the result of film adaptations on the big screen. Impossible not to recall the 2009 adaptation of John Hillcoat’s The Road; with protagonists Viggo Mortensen e Cody Smith-McPhee, catapulted into a post-apocalyptic survival scenario. Also unforgettable is the adaptation of the Coen brothers in 2007 thanks to the film No country for old men; known for winning at the 2008 Oscars in the categories of Best Picture, Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Supporting Actor.

Active in the Santa Fe community, only in the last few years of hiatus, Cormac McCarthy had dedicated himself to the screenplay of the film The Counselor by Ridley Scott. His farewell leaves an unfillable void in the literary world.

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