La scommessa di L-ETRIK la prima catena europea di micromobilità elettrica urbana thumbnail

L-ETRIK arrives, the first micromobility chain

THE ETRIC bets on Europe, arrives there first urban electric micro-mobility chain. As, THE ETRIC the new electric vehicle retail chain for the city. This owned by Metamobility Tech SrlInnovative start-up, with assets of 6 stores scattered between Milan, Rome e Torino. Where the insignia are also united
NIU Store Italy, Electric Milan.

The bet of L ETRIK the first European chain of urban electric micro-mobility, press office sourceThe bet of L-ETRIK the first European chain of urban electric micro-mobility, press office source

An equity crowdfunding campaign to finance the project

To finance growth in Italy and crown the ambition of becoming a premium multi-brand leader in Europe in its sector. THE ETRIC launches an equity crowdfunding campaign on the platform Mamacrowdwith the aim of raising 1 million euros.

Who is Francesco Zhou Fei and Metamobility Tech data

Founded by Sino-Italian entrepreneur Francesco Zhou Fei, known for having brought to our country i mono-brand Niu Store.

Metamobility Tech closes 2022 with 2.75 million euros in revenues. Now, with L-ETRIK, it aims to conquer the premium segment with the proposal of brands such as Silence, Horwin, Yadea, Askoll and Vmoto Soco which will support Niu.

The new chain, which is planning to soon open stores in Bologna, Florence and other cities, starting from 2024, will combine the current retail business with the import and direct distribution of new brands not yet present in Italy , providing territorial exclusivity and B2B distribution also to resellers and distributors.

The ever-growing electricity market

The increasingly growing urban mobility market sees Italy in first position in Europe for the sale of scooters. Furthermore, the ACEM (International Association of Motorcycle Manufacturers) has launched Vision 2030+, a series of provisions and future plans based on respect for and protection of the environment starting from two-wheeled electric vehicles.

About that Francis Zhou declares: “There is no doubt that, within a very few years, the electric will be the vehicle par excellence and perhaps the only one for cities and small traditional cars will increasingly be replaced by minicars for getting around town. We have the advantage of being among the first to have believed in a chain specialized in electric micro-mobility and we aim to become the largest European specialized retail network”.
THE ETRIC was supported, for the preparation and launch of this first campaign by Over Venturesa company founded and led by Giancarlo Vergine, one of the leading Italian experts on equity crowdfunding and community funding, with over 150 successful campaigns under his belt.

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