Fuel decree, excise cut extended until 8 July

Decreto Carburanti, taglio accise prorogato fino all'8 luglio thumbnail

Against expensive fuels, the Council of Ministers approved the new Fuel Decree which brings with it some innovations that are certainly appreciated by motorists. First, the government has decided to extend the cut in excise duties until next July 8. So until the indicated date petrol and diesel get a discount per liter of 30.5 cents also taking into account the savings obtained on VAT.

Another important change concerns methane for cars, which can now count on ad hoc legislation. In practice, excise duties are zeroed and VAT is reduced to 5%.

Going specifically, the Fuel Decree reads: “The cut in excise duties on fuels” in consideration of the continuing economic effects deriving from the exceptional increase in the prices of energy products “is therefore extended” from 3 May 2022 to 8 July 2022 “. The rates will be: “For gasoline € 478.40 per thousand liters; for gas or diesel oil used as fuel € 367.40 per thousand liters; for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) used as fuel € 182.61 per thousand kilograms; for natural gas used for transport zero euros per cubic meter “. The discount of 25 cents compared to the ordinary excise duty of 728.40 euros per thousand liters for gasoline and of 617.40 euros per thousand liters for diesel is confirmed for another two months.

The Fuel Decree relies on the Price Guarantor and the GdF to avoid speculation

To avoid speculation, the Government entrusts to the Price Guarantor control. The same entity can make use of the Guardia di Finanza for the monitoring on the territory, and in particular of the whole supply chain with regard to methane gas.

In fact, in the Fuel Decree the text states: “in order to prevent the risk of speculative maneuvers deriving from the reduction of the VAT rate on natural gas used for transport, the provisions on controls by the guarantor of prices and Financial Police relating to monitoring the price trend of the aforementioned natural gas practiced within the entire commercial distribution chain “.

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