Corsair: here are the 7000 full-tower cases and the AIO H170i elite Capellix

Corsair has recently presented the new 7000 series full-tower case and the Hairx H170i Elite All-In-One cooling system

Corsair, a leader in the industry of the most advanced components for gamers, content creators and PC builders; announced the launch of a new series of case ATX full-tower able to accommodate the largest and most ambitious modern systems: homes Corsair 7000D Airflow e Corsair iCue 7000X RGB.

Available in both white and black, both models in the 7000 series line offer a large interior space able to make the entire system express the maximum cooling potential; allowing the installation of multiple solutions: up to 3 360 mm radiators the due of 420 mm simultaneously.

Thanks to 140mm fans included, equipped with Corsair AirGuide technology, the case offers the internal components an extremely powerful flow of air. While the popular cable management system Corsair RapidRoute allows you to easily create neat, professional-looking systems.

PC enthusiasts will find the 7000 series cases the ideal solutions to design their next masterpiece; selecting according to their needs the most suitable model for their purposes, choosing from the 7000D Airflow model with perforated front panel and optimized airflow; or the 7000X RGB model with 3 tempered glass panels which allow you to showcase the system and lighting.

Corsair 7000 series: more space for your systems

The large internal space of the houses of the 7000 line allows you to install a wide range of configurations to manage the most ambitious cooling systems, supporting up to 12 120mm fans o 7 140mm fans; or radiators, including up to 3 360 mm or 2 420 mm solutions simultaneously. The dedicated motherboard tray with customizable fan mounts allows you to mount up to 4 x 120mm fans or a radiator up to 480mm in size on the side of the case.

Corsair: here are the 7000 full-tower cases and the AIO H170i elite Capellix

The 7000D Airflow model is equipped with 3 x 140mm fans with Corsair AirGuide technology, which allow you to channel the flow of air concentrating it on the hottest components. The 7000X RGB model, on the other hand, certainly does not go unnoticed, thanks to the bright RGB lighting of the 4 SP140 RGB Elite AirGuide fans supplied. Each includes eight individually adjustable RGB LEDs. The included iCue Commander Core XT controller, Corsair iCue software and PWM repeater ensure complete control not just lighting, but fan speeds and performance as well.

Corsair: here are the full-tower 7000 cases and the AIO H170i elite Capellix

Numerous storage options are available in both 7000D Airflow and 7000X RGB models; included 6 combo bays for 2.5 “or 3.5” drives e 3 x 2.5 SSD mounts“. Thanks to the full range of I / O connection options available on the front panel that include one USB 3.1 Type C port and 4 USB 3.0 ports, the 7000 series houses are able to meet the needs of any system that can be built.

Corsair: here is the new AIO H170i Elite Capellix cooler

Both houses in the 7000 line boast a large interior space; Ideal for CPU Liquid Cooling Installation: Corsair H170i Elite Capellix. Thanks to the huge 420 mm radiator, alle 3 ventole PWM ML140 RGB and the spectacular pump head composed of numerous RGB LEDs, the H170i Elite Capellix is ​​the all-in-one cooling system with the best performance never created by Corsair.

Extreme cooling performance is provided by a low noise centrifugal pump, which generates less than 20 dBA. There copper cooling plate split flow absorbs heat generated by the CPU quickly, while the ML140 RGB fans dissipate radiator heat, reaching up to 2,000 revolutions per minute.

Corsair: here are the full-tower 7000 cases and the AIO H170i elite Capellix

In addition to the generous cooling performance, it can also be exploited dynamic RGB lighting provided by 33 LEDs Ultra bright Capellix placed on the pump head; he eight individually adjustable RGB LEDs on each ML140 RGB fan. Thanks to the incredible customization possibilities offered by the Corsair iCUe Commander Core controller and powerful software Corsair iCue included; this cooling system will certainly not go unnoticed. H170i Elite Capellix is compatible with virtually any modern Intel and AMD CPU, inlcusi i socket LG1200, 115X, 2066 e AM4.

Corsair: here are the 7000 full-tower cases and the AIO H170i elite Capellix

With the launch of the 7000 series case, the 7000D Airflow and 7000X RGB models are added from Origin PC to Genesis, its award-winning line of custom PCs. Origin PC’s Genesis desktop PC line boasts top-quality hardware, from Intel Core i9 and AMD Ryzen CPUs to Nvidia GeForce RTX 30-series graphics; combining superior technical specifications with maximum customization; to allow the user to configure their dream PC as desired.

Availability and prices

The Corsair 7000D Airflow and 7000X RGB cases and the Capellix H170i Elite liquid CPU cooler are available immediately at the Corsair online store and at authorized resellers and distributors.

The two cases of the 7000 series have a two-year warranty, while the AIO heatsink has a five-year warranty. To know the updated prices consult the official website of the company.

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