The security of digital gaming in the time of computer fraud

When you play online, you are caught. Identity is exposed, and other factors also come into play. Let’s discover the security of digital gaming in the time of computer fraud

With an increasingly connected world, where 4.5 billion people use the internet, the issue of safety is of primary importance. Also due to development increasingly massive of smartphones.

This is generally true for every sector, be it related to e-commerce or entertainment, as in the case of online casinos, probably the most used entertainment channel in the last year and a half. Very indicative also in terms of IT security and user protection.

Security in online casinos

When playing online, you are caught. Identity is exposed, and other factors also come into play: economic accounts on everyone, generally the most violated in the ever increasing computer fraud. The first way to understand that you are playing on a secure channel is just this: the economic transaction is guaranteed.

Best and international circuits, guaranteed payments. But it doesn’t stop there: the online gaming supply chain has built a security system guaranteed by various encryption systems, in particular the SSL one.. Customer assistance and player support are always guaranteed 24 hours a day.

All in full compliance with the responsible gaming protocol, today both mission and vision of the gaming supply chain. The player is never left alone with himself, and support is practically always guaranteed.

The same portals then give the possibility to use various tools and systems, such as self-exclusion or game limits, when you realize that the fun is about to lead to something else.

Another aspect to realize that you are playing on a secure portal is the license number linked to the Customs and Monopoly Agency, guarantor of the game in Italy. Finally, the domain which is generally .it. Then registered in Italy.

Does this therefore mean that only the casinos of the AAMS / ADM circuit are 100% safe and guaranteed? There is a need to clarify this issue.

Security in non-AAMS online casinos

Even the best non-AAMS online casinos they have on their side the guarantee of safety and the endorsement of transparency. In fact, on these channels, not authorized by the Customs and Monopoly Agency, you can play easily and safely.

Not having a license for the Italian market does not mean being without one. Most of the best non-AAMS online casino whose domain is .com they are safe, in fact, they have an international license obtained with probability in the Netherlands Antilles or Malta, which makes online casinos safe but also advantageous and profitable.

Especially since the license is issued by the European Union. The one thing these casinos don’t take into account is permanent self-exclusion – more and more players are choosing non-AAMS channels for this reason. But always in safety.