CORSAIR: Many new products for next-gen PCs with Intel Alder Lake

No worries about upgrading to next generation Intel CPUs with CORSAIR’s latest DRAM, AiO heatsink and SSD models, designed for full compatibility. Let’s see the details

CORSAIR, a leading company in the sector of the most advanced components for gamers, content creators and PC assemblers, today presented a whole range of amazing products designed specifically for the new 12th generation Intel Core processors and Intel 600 Series motherboards. The 12th Generation Intel Core CPUs represent a major breakthrough in performance and efficiency over previous generations, and CORSAIR simultaneously features a broad selection of components that offer full compatibility to support this generational leap. Thanks to the latest CORSAIR DDR5 memory models, liquid CPU coolers, PCIe Gen4 SSDs and top-of-the-range power supplies, you can make the most of the performance provided by the new Intel processors.

CORSAIR: Many new products for next-gen PCs with Intel Alder Lake


The 12th generation Intel Core processors support the new futuristic DDR5 memory, able to offer maximum performance significantly higher than previous DDR4 models thanks to higher frequencies and higher capacities than ever. CORSAIR adds new high-performance DDR5 memory kits to its DOMINATOR PLATINUM RGB and VENGEANCE lines, created with the same attention to design and overclocking margins for which they are world-renowned. CORSAIR DDR5 memory is optimized for full compatibility with the latest Intel DDR5 motherboards and will work wonders for your next PC upgrade.

CORSAIR: Many new products for next-gen PCs with Intel Alder Lake

I dissipatori per socket LGA 1700

Keep the heat generated by Intel K and KF processors at bay with CORSAIR ELITE LCD all-in-one liquid coolers. In addition to being designed for compatibility with the LGA 1700 bracket, all heatsinks in the ELITE LCD Series boast a customizable 2.1 ″ ultra-bright IPS display able, for example, to display PC information in real time or animated GIFs of your choice, thus allowing you unlimited customization. Additionally, for users who already own a CORSAIR liquid cooler and wish to upgrade to 12th Gen Intel Core CPUs, directly on the CORSAIR Web Store is the recent LGA 1700 Retrofit Kit is available equipped with spacers for the new Intel bracket.

For all those who prefer the customized cooling systems, the Hydro X Series XC5 and XC7 RGB PRO waterblocks allow you to connect the CPU to a custom liquid circuit, allowing the processor to unleash its full potential. Endowed of more than 110 highly efficient micro cooling fins and an innovative quad-split flow system, these waterblocks provide outstanding cooling performance and offer full compatibility with the entire range of latest generation CPUs, including the 12th generation Intel Core series.

CORSAIR: Many new products for next-gen PCs with Intel Alder Lake

CORSAIR next-generation SSDs

Now that the new CPUs are available, use them to take full advantage of theand extreme performance of PCIe Gen4 SSDs. With CORSAIR PCIe x4 NVMe M.2 Gen4 SSDs, such as the MP600 PRO XT, you can say goodbye to long load times and enjoy absolutely stunning sequential read and write speeds. The form factor compatible with M.2 2280 SSD standard allows installation on the latest Intel motherboards, including the new Z690 chipset, thus ensuring unbeatable storage performance. The elegant aluminum heatsink disperses heat, ensuring components operate in optimal conditions and ensure continuous high performance, and also gives a unique touch to the design of your new system.

CORSAIR: Many new products for next-gen PCs with Intel Alder Lake

The next-gen PC power supplies

CORSAIR also offers a wide range of professional power supplies with higher wattage, capable of delivering all the power needed to power the latest Intel systems. CORSAIR power supplies combine exceptional performance and extraordinary efficiency and are capable of powering 600 Series chipset motherboards equipped with Intel 12th generation CPUs. From the top-of-the-range AX1600i model with 80 PLUS Titanium certification to the CX-F Series with RGB fan, CORSAIR power supplies are designed to provide stable and reliable power to your new Intel 600 Series system. Get ready for your next upgrade to Intel 12th generation processors by equipping your PC with compatible CORSAIR components.

CORSAIR: Many new products for next-gen PCs with Intel Alder Lake

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