Terraria: Confirmation crossover with Don’t Starve enemies

Thanks to the new Terraria update it will be possible to face the enemies of Don’t Starve, confirming the crossover between the two titles

Taking the opportunity of the arrival of halloween, Re-Logic has recently announced that i Don’t Starve’s enemies are coming to wreak havoc on Terraria. In a new “State of the Game” post on Steam, the author of Terraria revealed that he is working with Klei Entertainment, developers of Don’t Starve, to make the crossover of these games as faithful as possible. The commitment is to please fans with authentic gameplay for both titles, without distorting them and integrating the enemies properly.

Seeing the enemies of Don’t Starve in Terraria is finally a reality!

Among the enemies chosen for the crossover we have the Eye of Cthulhu which will arrive on Don’t Starve while Deerclops it will terrorize Terraria. These won’t be the only enemies to make the “leap”, many more will come although Re-Logic has stated that we will have to wait a little longer to find out who else will join the party. Both Don’t Starve and Terraria are known to be truly challenging games with a high level of difficulty, so you have to prepare well the challenge is high in both titles.

Even today Terraria, despite being released by now in 2011, is one of the most popular games on steam thanks to its approximately 45,000 players connected every day. In fact the title continues to be supported with new updates that enrich the player experience with additions of all kinds. Among the latest news we have the addition of mods that allow players to indulge their creativity with custom sprites, importing new soundtracks and much more. Recall that Terraria is currently available for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, Google Stadia, iOS and Android.

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