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Craob X, the portless laptop with wireless charging

Dear readers, here you are Craob X, the portless laptop concept with wireless charging. And this would already be enough to immediately add it to the list of our future purchases. But the technical specifications will be even more convincing. Just to tell you a detail: the computer will be powered byIntel Core i7-1280P, a low-power Alder Lake processor, unveiled just earlier this month. And that’s not all. So let’s find out why the laptop is so incredible.

Craob XCredits: My Laptop Guide

Craob X: all technical specifications

While the manufacturing company’s website has published very few details, My Laptop Guide has provided us with a ton of useful information about the new Craob X. The laptop reportedly boasts a 13.3 inch design, with a 4K + frameless screen. Despite this, there is no lack of a punch-hole camera, thus giving us a better look than the notch seen on the latest MacBook Pro. Beyond this, it is the technical specifications that have won us over. The laptop will in fact hit the market with a maximum of 32 GB of LPDDR5 memory e 2 TB di storage PCIe Gen4. Also, the wireless connection will be supported by the brand new WiFi6E standard.

Craob X 1Credits: My Laptop Guide

On the other hand, wireless technology is what makes this device so impressive. Craob X, in fact, is quite without connectors physical (portless design). This means that has no I / O ports like USB Tyle A / C, Thunderbolt, MiniJack, SD card slot, or even a charger port. After all, considering that the laptop is 7mm thick it would be difficult to imagine installing them directly on the design. For this very reason, all these ports will be available on a magnetic wireless charger, which connects directly to the exterior of the device. In short, a marvel of design and technology. At the moment, however, we don’t know when Craob X will actually be available for purchase, but we can’t wait to try it out.

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