Dewzilla, one of the best professional app development companies

Let’s meet Dewzilla, one of the best international design and development companies with great talent in creating professional software and apps

Dewzilla is a high-tech company providing state-of-the-art software and app packages for Fintech and other businesses.

CRMzilla is one of Dewzilla’s best known and widely used solutions, involving uses in FOREX, real estate investing and e-commerce.

Some of their well-known current products and services include ztrader, 5words, Shlen, Divarak, and some game programs in preparation.

Dewzilla is now a leading globally recognized design and development company due to its skilled stack and highly experienced and knowledgeable developers; the Dewzilla programming team is set up according to the needs of the projects. The main programming languages ​​used by the developers of Dewzilla are Golang, Nuxt JS and Flutter.

However, they keep an eye on their consumers’ needs, so they are adaptable in terms of usable languages.

The brand journey doesn’t end after the development or even the support process. Dewzilla is more than just a typical software development company. It can give you a complete CRM product or you can even increase your marketing potential with digital marketing solutions provided by a highly skilled team.

Each business niche can develop its own custom software. Since Dewzilla is a full-service agency, it can even make companies fly higher with their decided budget, as Dewzilla’s approach is basically to design a better website or software to increase the company’s sales. .

A little reminder is that each niche has its own unique circumstances, so this is the part where bespoke custom software comes into play. The developers are professionally sorted into various teams in order to get the best customer service. It doesn’t matter, the business niche is fintech, gaming, eCommerce, real estate, healthcare, or any other industry. Dewzilla is ready to make the company ready to enjoy the journey!

The CEO and Founder of Dewzilla

Karo Nasiri, director of the agency, is an independent entrepreneur who has a degree in dentistry. Meanwhile, his interest in business and sales prompted him to engage in the business community, primarily as a sales and marketing leader and later as a project manager at Noosphere Venture Company.

Working closely with significant and successful people, including Max Polyakov, the founder of the aerospace firefly firm, along with the acquisition of professional experience, set the way for his success and project management skills.

In 2017, he founded his own company, Dewzilla, which focuses on fintech, IOT, gaming, IT, and CRM software. Karo Nasiri, founder and CEO of Dewzilla, continues to be innovative and effective in the age of technology.