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Creative: Introducing the new Outlier Free headphones

Creative Outlier Free, headphones for unlimited listening. Total hearing freedom thanks to bone conduction technology

Creative Technology (here for more info on the company) launches Creative Outlier Free today, its latest wireless headphones. These headphones integrate bone conduction technology with features from the beloved Outlier series. Like the long battery life, water resistance, comfort, and light weight.

Details on the new Creative Outlier Free headphones

Creative Outlier Free features a hook and loop design to maximize comfort and fit. The use of bone conduction technology is based on the transducers present in headphones which, through vibrations on the cheekbones, transmit sound waves inside the inner ear. By freeing your ears from in-ear or over-ear headphones, there is more security through greater awareness of your surroundings, while enjoying high-quality acoustics. This is especially useful for joggers or cyclists on busy roads. Or even for gym enthusiasts who love to chat with their training partners.

Creative: Introducing the new Outlier Free headphones

Why choose the new Creative Outlier Free headphones

Thanks to the advantage of listening with free ears, the Outlier Free are also ideal for leisure activities. Like singing with smartphone applications, where users can hear their own voice, just like in a natural environment. The Outlier Free comes with a number of handy features: up to 10 hours of battery life per charge (10 minutes of quick charge gives 2 hours of playback). And again IPX5 water resistance, Bluetooth 5.3 with multipoint connectivity (up to 2 Bluetooth devices at a time) and low latency mode to minimize audiovisual delay. Finally we have built-in microphone and support for Siri / Google Assistant. They are constructed with lightweight silicone and memory titanium alloy for optimal comfort and fit.

Price and availability

Creative Outlier Free is out at a promotional price of €89.99 and is available on the official website.

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