Hacker attack on Italy: Carabinieri, banks and more targeted

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The day after Prime Minister Meloni’s visit to Ukraine, a group of pro-Russian hackers he threw a attack against various institutional sites, including that of the Carabinieri and the Ministry of Defence. Which, however, exclude serious violations. But banks like Bper and companies like A2A have also been targeted by hackers, who claim the hits on Telegram.

Pro-Russian hacker attack against Carabinieri, banks and more

Group hackers NoName57(16) they hit several institutional sites. That of Foreignthat of the Defencethat of the Carabinieri. No network hacking, despite hackers’ claims on Telegram channels. Even banks like Bper e A2A they have been affected.

Hackers see these attacks as a response to the sixth military assistance package to Ukraine, confirmed by Meloni. “As Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni said during a press conference in Kiev, we are talking about SAMP-T, Skyguard and Spike anti-tank systems. Today we will continue our fascinating journey through Russophobic Italy”.

The Foreign Affairs site seems to have resisted the attack with tenacity, while the Carabinieri site had a few more problems. In fact La Stampa reports that for an hour the hackers knew revoke the security certificate.

The Carabinieri, however, exclude interference. “The Arma network has not been hacked and temporary site outages are also due to threat prevention activity put in place by our Telematic Security Centre”.

Also among the claims Banca Bper and A2Awhich however do not seem to have had any downtime problems on the site.

The NoName57(16) group appears to have formed in March 2022, shortly after the entry of Russian tanks into Ukraine. It has launched several attacks against countries they supported Kyivcome Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovakia, Norway and Finland. This is the first time they attack Italy.

At the moment it is not clear whether this attack will continue and produce worse damage. We will keep you informed.

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