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Creative: the Outlier Pro earphones are coming

Creative Introduces Latest True Wireless Earbuds Features Hybrid ANC To Filter Background Noise And Play Music For Up To 60 Hours

Creative Technology announces Creative Outlier Prothe latest addition to the acclaimed series Outlier True Wireless. Thanks to the new features, the new earbuds are bound to bring True Wireless to the next level.

With the cancellation of the hybrid noise (ANC), Ambient Fashion and impressive battery life (up to 60 hours) able to offer the best possible listening experience. With a total of may be microphones, customizable touch controls, water resistance certified IPX5, Bluetooth connectivity 5.2 e ricarica wireless. Creative Outlier Pro proves to be the ideal True Wireless headset to pack all the features into a pocket-sized product.

Creative: the Outlier Pro earphones are coming

Creative Outlier Pro: Lower noise, raise clarity

The earphones offer users a listening experience never experienced before thanks to the ANC system, usually found in high-end headphones. ANC technology is “hybrid”As it combines the systems ANC feedforward e feedback on each earbud to block out unwanted noise. In this way, users can participate in video conferencing or listen to music without having to look after to background noises.

On the other hand, users can switch toAmbient Fashion, to let in just the right amount of ambient sound, which is very useful when the listener wants to be aware of what is going on around him, for example while walking near an intersection. The controls are simple and easy to use through simple touches on the earphones to switch between ANC mode and Ambient Mode, otherwise controllable via theapplication Creative.

Also, with the new drivers in graphene gives 10mm, wisely regulated by engineers Creative. They offer improved acoustic performance from every point of view. This results in increased clarity, improved bass and effective ANC, all while increasing the durability of the earbuds.

Creative: the Outlier Pro earphones are coming

Creative Outlier Pro: to listen to all day

With a battery which can last up to 60 ore in total and a playing time of approx 15 hours without rechargingis the perfect audio companion for long journeys, workouts e maratone Netflix. Even with hybrid ANC active, users can achieve a play time of 10 ore without reloading e 40 ore in total.

The earphones come with several sets of bearings, made of soft silicone that allow users to easily find the right size to obtain the optimal seal, greater sound insulation and better comfort.

Finally, the icing on the cake is the convenience app Creative which allows users to customize the touch controls according to their preferences and activate a number of useful functions such as the Low Latency Mode. This novelty reduces Creative Outlier Pro’s latency by more than half, so users can enjoy synchronized audio and video content like never before.

Creative: the Outlier Pro earphones are coming

Outlier Pro earphones: main features

Here are the key points of Creative’s earphones:

  • ANC Hybrid, (feedforware / feedback microphones on both earphones), Ambient Mode
  • ANC OFFup to 15 hours of duration per charge, 60 if we include charges in the dock. ANC ONup to 10 hours of duration per charge, 40 if we include charges in the dock
  • New 10mm graphene drivers
  • Sweat-resistant IPX5 certified earphones
  • Super X-Fi READY

Creative: the Outlier Pro earphones are coming

Creative earphones: holographic audio, price and availability

Creative Outlier Pro is optimized to support Super X-Fi READY, a free preview version of Super X-Fi technology, available through theapp SXFI. Users can experience Super X-Fi holographic audio with music content on their phones. Creative Outlier Pro is available for the price of 89.99€ your

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