Serial Cleaners shows itself in a new trailer

Serial Cleaners si mostra in un nuovo trailer thumbnail

In honor of the event The MIX 10th Anniversary ShowcaseDraw Distance and publisher 505 Games presented the new trailer the titolo action-stealth Serial Cleaners. The new video trailer unveiled new gameplay sequences and new types of enemies.

Let’s find out all the details together. Below, however, we bring you the trailer.

Serial Cleaners, the new trailer of the action-stealth of Draw Distance and 505 Games

The new trailer shows the different talents of Bob C. Leaner, Sides, Vip3r e Psycho. Each of them owns a different style of play and their stories are interconnected. All four protagonists are specialists in cleaning up a crime scene and their skills will give you an edge in Outsmart the New York Excellence – which, in reality, is not excellence.

These amazing characters will allow you to clean up everything and get home in time to enjoy an exciting installment of the Lieutenant Colombo. Below we present the plot of the title.

Take on the role of an eccentric “cleaner” of the mafia in 1990 New York in an action-stealth adventure that will require ingenuity e reflexes. With cops on your tail, guards patrolling the area, and inmates ready to blow up the cleaners’ floor, this game (sequel to indie gem Serial Cleaner) promises to be addicting enough to leave you glued to the screen for a long time.

Move quietly. Clean everything up without showing emotion. Disappear without a trace.

Furthermore, we would like to remind you that today the official site of the game and also yours social channelsinspired by the internet of 90’s. So stay tuned for new advances on the title. Finally we announce that Serial Cleaners will be available in course of 2022. For more information and to stay up to date, you can check out the new and exciting official site.

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