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Dacia Italia: a successful year for the Business Unit ends

On March 1st 2021, Guido Toccia manager with a long experience in the Renault Group, was called to fill the position of Managing Director Dacia Italia. At the end of the first year of activity with the Dacia Italia business unit, the manager takes stock and records a positive balance for the activity carried out.

Dacia Italia records excellent data in Italy in the last 12 months

Over the past 12 months, starting from March 2021, over 80,000 customers have purchased Dacia vehicles in Italy. Dacia is now in 6th place in the car market and on the podium in the private car market with a penetration of 8.36%. Compared to the data of March 2021, the brand recorded a growth of 3.7 points. Supporting the growth of the brand is a completely renewed range.

Among the innovations that Dacia has brought to Italy we find the new Sandero in the compact Streetway version and in the Stepway crossover version. Also noteworthy is the Spring, the brand’s first electric. Of course, the iconic is not missing Duster, a real reference point for the market in its segment. Furthermore, since last March 12, the new Dacia Jogger.

The first year of the new business unit of Dacia Italia closes with many successes that can represent a starting point for the future. For the future, the goal remains to offer the best quality / price ratio on the market.

The company comment

Guido Tocci, Managing Director Dacia Italia, comments: “The launch of the Dacia Business Unit one year ago and the modular CMF-B platform, central to the Brand’s product strategy, strengthens our effectiveness and further increases the quality, competitiveness and attractiveness of our vehicles. Dacia’s recipe works great for small cars. The largest European market is that of segment C, the segment of medium-sized vehicles. Waiting for the arrival of Bigster in 2025, in these days we have launched New Jogger, the familiar 7-seater that is positioned by right in this segment “

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