Crossfire: Legion – Trailer, Release and Features

Cosa c’è da sapere su Crossfire: Legion - Trailer, uscita e early access thumbnail

Get ready for military action because today we discover Crossfire: Legion, the new RTS of Smilegate and Prime Matter coming out in the spring: here are trailers, first images and details.

Crossfire: Legion – The reveal trailer anticipates the release

Prime Matter and Smilegate have announced that their new RTS, called Crossfire: Legion, will enter Early Access on Steam in spring 2022. In the meantime, however, a preview trailer has already been released.

Based on the hugely popular universe of Crossfire, the title pits players against each other for global domination. Early access will allow fighters around the world to experience a true modern action RTS. However, there will be historical references to the original games that defined the genre.

The game was created by Canadian developers Blackbird Interactive. Maurice Grela (Game Designer) said community and player feedback is a key element in how they want the game to take shape. “RTS players know what they want and what a modern title should offer. Who better than them to make sure we are aligned? We’re giving all fans of the genre a chance to get involved in how we grow the game. We have some fantastic features and modes to unveil over the next few months and will be looking to add a wide range of content as we move into early access. “

A roadmap leading to the release date

The developers also unveiled a roadmap outlining all upcoming activities ahead of the launch of early access, including a new third faction.

Players wishing to get in on the action can do so by signing up for the chance to participate in the technical test where they will have the opportunity to choose between one of two factions – Blacklist or Global Risk – along with their respective commander. They will then be able to fight on two very different maps in 1v1 or 3v3 multiplayer.

Crossfire: Legion will be released on an unspecified date of spring 2022, it is now possible to add the game to the wishlist on Steam.

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