Crusader Kings III will arrive on consoles

Crusader Kings III arriverà su console thumbnail

Thanks to a partnership with the developer Lab42, Paradox Interactive has announced theCrusader Kings III arrives on consoles. The strategic role-playing game will therefore arrive on consoles for the first time in the history of the franchise. In this way, a greater audience of users will be able to discover and try the features of the title, released with great success in 2020 on PC.

Crusader Kings III is also coming to consoles

The new Crusader Kings III will also be officially released on consoles. Paradox Interactive has confirmed, in fact, the release of the new chapter of the saga also in an unprecedented console version. The exit is expected on Xbox Series X e Series S as well as on Playstation 5.

The title will resume all main features of Crusader Kings III by transporting them from PC to console. The game will take advantage of the functions of the new generation consoles to ensure very short loading times. Note that a new gamepad support designed from the ground up will be introduced.

For Series X and S users there will be the ability to quickly access YouTube tutorials directly from the game. Playstation 5 players will be able to take advantage of the Dual Sense controller which will physically react to game events. For more details you can consult the official site.

The trailer

The announcement of the arrival on consoles came in conjunction with the release of a new trailer:

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