Instagram introduces advertising in the Shop section

Instagram introduce la pubblicità nella sezione Shop thumbnail

After an initial test phase, Instagram is starting to introduce advertisements in the Shop section application. Several months after its launch, this section of the Instagram app continues to record an increase in the number of users and the introduction of advertising, less invasive than expected, is a necessary step.

The Shop section of Instagram records the debut of advertisements

Over the next few days, the commercial break inside the Shop section of Instagram they should be released for all users. Instagram has already been testing this feature for a few weeks and is now ready for global release, not without controversy from some users who will have to deal with more ads.

L’use of advertisements in this section, however, it appears unavoidable. Users who browse the Shop section of Instagram, in fact, are already predisposed to make purchases and advertisements will thus be more effective than those placed in other sections of the app.

A minimally invasive advertising

The Ads in the section dedicated to the purchases of new Instagram products will be minimally invasive, going, in fact, to accompany the other products offered in this section. Advertisements will be easily recognizable thanks to a special badge which confirms the presence of a sponsored content. More details on the matter will, of course, come in the coming weeks. In fact, the advertisements will soon be released on a global scale for all users.

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