Cry Macho is the new film by Clint Eastwood

Cry Macho is the new film directed and starring Clint Eastwood, who seems to never stop despite the venerable age of 91.

A man of cinema among the most important in the contemporary world scene, Eastwood certainly needs no introduction. In fact, we will not do them. This latest film, due out in October in the United States, is scheduled for September 17 and is just one of the many feature films directed by the actor. Think Eastwood started as a director in 1971 with Thrill in the Night and has never stopped.

Cry Macho – The plot and trailer for Eastwood’s new movie

The film synopsis reads: “Eastwood plays Mike Milo, a former rodeo star and a failed horse breeder who, in 1979, takes a job from a former boss to bring the man’s young son home from Mexico. Forced to take the back roads on their way to Texas, the unlikely couple embark on an unexpectedly challenging journey, during which the world-weary knight finds unexpected connections and their own sense of redemption. “

“This is a man who has had a hard time in his life and then unexpectedly another challenge comes to the fore,” Eastwood told Entertainment Weekly. “Normally he would never do that, but he’s a man of his word. It goes all the way. And his life begins again ”. Cry Macho is also played by Dwight Yoakam, Natalia Traven and Eduardo Minett. The film was written by Nick Schenk and author N. Richard Nash, who adapted it from his 1975 novel before his death in 2000.

Cry Macho – What Should We Expect?

Cry Macho again recalls a theme that seems to have become important for Eastwood, that of the unlikely couple. Of the old man who tries to teach the young, to improve his condition. Gran Torino is obviously the starting point but also The Mule had a very similar storyline within the film. As always, we will go very hopeful of finding an Eastwood still in shape despite all the burden the cinema machine must put on a man of his age.

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