Cuccchi, a labyrinth of works of art

Cuccchi, un labirinto di opere d'arte thumbnail

Among the hidden videogame pearls we find Weather in Cuccchi, a particular exploratory videogame divided into seven levels, that is to say digital places, which we can explore. The interesting aspect is that these places were made from the works of the famous Italian painter Enzo Cucchi.

Cuccchi, the game-archive inspired by the works of Enzo Cucchi

Many games recreate a hand painted look but what differentiates Cuccchi from other titles is the way the developer has put a pixelated flair on well-known works of art. It’s like trying to make famous paintings on a Game Boy Advance, rather than recreating them one by one.

Available for purchase and download right now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC through Steam, Cuccchi is a title made by Julian Palacios, a developer from Milan. With the help of Fantastic Studio, this particular title leaves a mark on consoles and PC, perhaps like no game before it.

Its purpose is to deliver the works live of a master of the art scene – Enzo Cucchi.

The title is available at the price of 6,69€ and will give players a chance to visit seven different areas inspired by Enzo’s works, with scenes covering life, movement and some fantastic characters. It will be up to the players to make their way through these worlds – they will have to search 51 items in total, avoiding all obstacles and dodging numerous dangers.

Cuccchi is very similar to a labyrinth e unlocking hidden objects will be the primary goal of the players. Each object, automatically, will unlock a painting from the artistic past by Cucchi. With a lo-fi soundtrack which pushes the player to explore more and more and it pixel style inspired by a Game Boy, Cuccchi is the first artist archive that has taken the form of a game.

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