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Honda: Full Hybrid as a hybrid experience with Formula 1

The Full Hybrid technology of Honda HR-V can be summarized in short as follows:
• The new HR-V comes standard with Honda’s two-engine hybrid technology
• The system offers a perfect balance between fuel efficiency, low emissions and dynamic performance
• The technology is based on over 20 years of hybrid experience that Honda has developed in both road cars and Formula 1®
• Honda plans to electrify all of its major models by 2022

Full Hybrid from Honda, competitive and European hybrid

Honda has announced that the all-new Full Hybrid HR-V, available for the European market from late 2021, will be equipped exclusively with advanced hybrid technology. With new hybrid propulsion, this compact SUV boasts an optimal balance between efficiency and superior performance.
The HR-V’s new hybrid powertrain generates an output of 96kW (131hp) and a torque of 253Nm. The result is a smooth and comfortable ride, both in the city and on the streets at high cruising speeds. It is a hybrid system with low CO2 emissions of 122 g / km (WLTP) and average consumption of 5.4L / 100km (WLTP), with acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 10.6 seconds.

The brand new HR-V is the latest model to join the family and joins CR-V and Jazz among the models available only in hybrid version. Without the need to connect any external cable for charging, the HR-V adapts to any driving situation, combining the dynamic performance and efficiency of an electric vehicle with the usability and versatility of a traditionally powered engine. Sport ”can be activated via the special selector, allowing an even quicker throttle response, while the“ Econ ”mode adjusts the air conditioning system and throttle response, improving fuel efficiency. In addition to the “Normal” mode, where the car is better balanced between the two modes, drivers can switch between the different driving modes using the special selector.

Electric driving mode

For an experience similar to that of electric vehicles, drivers can also enter Drive Mode B, which offers varying levels of energy recovery when driving downhill or braking. The level of energy recovery and the consequent deceleration force can be significantly increased compared to the normal D mode, using the special paddles located behind the steering wheel.

Switching between these driving modes, including starting the engine to generate electricity, is virtually unnoticeable to passengers. Instead of using a conventional power sharing system with a planetary gearbox, which causes high levels of friction, the fixed gear drive creates much less drag by reducing the number of gears minimized, thus consuming less energy during driving in electric. Thanks to this, Honda’s highly efficient system achieves a higher rate of all-electric driving in the city, compared to other hybrids on sale today.

The Full Hybrid experience derived from Formula 1

Using the engineering expertise from their team, Honda’s Formula 1 Hybrid Power Unit program inspired e: HEV hybrid system technology to deliver unmatched levels of energy efficiency on the road. As a result, the new HR-V e: HEV delivers exceptional efficiency and power in all driving conditions.

The legacy of the hybrid

The original Honda Insight from 1999 gave Honda world leadership in the development of hybrid technology. The first hybrid model from any automaker to be sold in Europe, it introduced the brand’s Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) system, which was primarily based on the internal combustion engine and required electric motor assistance and brake energy recovery only. when necessary to improve acceleration and reduce fuel consumption. Honda continued to develop its hybrid technology and advanced dual-motor e: HEV system is now used on the Jazz, CR-V, the all-new HR-V and the eleventh generation Civic.
The new HR-V Full Hybrid e: HEV will be available in Europe from the end of the year. Customers can register their interest on the website.

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