D-Link: here are all the news at MWC

At MWC D-Link presents an ecosystem of innovative products to improve connectivity and productivity, from new routers to gateways, to hardware controllers and new cameras

At the Mobile World Congress 2021, D-Link is the protagonist of the event thanks to its new solutions dedicated to the B2B and B2C world with the goal of providing people with better, ever more reliable and secure connectivity, and higher productivity. The Taiwanese company is, in fact, announcing various solutions and multiple products for corporate 5G private networks, cloud-managed campus networks, on-premise networks for SMEs and those for the smart home.

D-Link: here are all the news at MWC

D-Link: the revolution of 5G networks for businesses

D-Link makes 5G available to organizations and SMEs allowing them to address growing demands for IoT connectivity and have performance optimized and tailored to their specific business needs. The 5G TIMES D-Link’s reliable and secure (fixed wireless access) is a competitive option over traditional fixed line broadband services, which are often difficult to manage and expensive to deploy in many environments.

In a range of enterprise products dedicated to building reliable 5G private networks, D-Link announced the new DWM-3010, 5G NR M2M gateway, which facilitates 5G broadband connectivity with speeds up to 1 Gbps for blazingly fast downloads, ultra-low latency, and reduced congestion. Designed for demanding work environments, the gateway can connect up to 50 devices, and its rugged design allows it to withstand harsh temperatures. Centralized and remote management is simplified thanks to D-Link Edge Cloud Solution.

D-Link: here are all the news at MWC D-Link: here are all the news at MWC

D-Link: Nuclias Connect Hub Plus for increased productivity

The new controller hardware Hub Plus, DNH-200, is designed to improve productivity and business operations by offering simpler and more refined control. The device offers network management and video recording up to 50 access points and 20 surveillance cameras. With built-in control software and a network video recorder, the DNH-200 allows you to view and record up to 20 cameras simultaneously in real time, and to play back video recorded in Full HD 1080p resolution. H.265 video compression improves encoding efficiency and reduces storage and transmission costs.

Other notable features are multi-site management with device preconfiguration and advanced analytics to identify and improve connection problems. The DNH-200 is at its best with the latest Access Point Wi-Fi 6 compatible with D-Link Nuclias Connect and the H.265 surveillance cameras high resolution for indoors and outdoors. Nuclias Connect is also available as a free download software offering license-free centralized management fino a 1.000 access point.

D-Link: here are all the news at MWC

A more secure and scalable cloud with Nuclias Cloud

Also new is the SD-WAN gateway, DBG-2000, which offers centralized and scalable control to intelligently manage traffic. Her Site-to-site VPN allows you to access the corporate network through a secure connection. Professional-grade protection and privacy are provided through a powerful network firewall, the Intrusion Prevention System that protects the network from cyber attacks, and Dynamic Content Filtering for the categorization and control of accessible sites for protection against malicious websites.

The company has also expanded its third-party partnerships for feature come la “Covid track and trace”, which meets the legal requirements to collect contact information and facilitate the reopening process of offices, restaurants, etc. D-Link’s Nuclias Cloud has one intuitive management of the dashboard and zero touch provisioning, allowing for easy deployment and management of networks without the need for highly skilled IT personnel. It helps companies create the infrastructure necessary to support a distributed workforce, reducing costs, maximizing resources in managing the network.

D-Link: here are all the news at MWC

D-Link: the modern smart home with 5G, AI and Wi-Fi 6

For fast, next-generation connections, the company has come up with un CPE 5G/LTE Outdoor, the DWP-1010, to bring 5G connectivity into the home or workplace. In addition, it provides easy access for multiple users and multiple devices allowing several flexible deployment options.

The brand new AI range, on the other hand, also includes a router, a router mesh and an extender with sophisticated artificial intelligence to recognize and overcome connection problems, optimizing their performance. Even the new ones mydlink smart cameras take advantage of AI technology to provide comprehensive, high-precision surveillance and protection for the modern smart home. D-Link also announced a Wi-Fi USB adapter 6. Users can quickly and easily upgrade their computers and notebooks to the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology for greater speed, capacity and performance, even in environments that challenge the best connections.

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