D-Link: what will we see at MWC 2021?

D-Link unveils its latest innovations at Mobile World Congress 2021. New solutions for businesses and consumers are designed for the new era of networking caused by the pandemic

D-Link, a world leader in networking technologies, will showcase its latest solutions designed for corporate 5G private networks, cloud-managed campus networks, on-premise networks for SMEs and those for the smart home at this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. Around the world, the pandemic and the “stay at home movement” have led to a stronger relationship with technology and being connected, and this has created a great growth in decentralized workforces. Business owners have had to accept the impact this will have on the future of the business, re-evaluate their existing network infrastructure and adapt to redistribution by leveraging new technologies to help them optimize efficiency and productivity.

Also, all over the world, the time has come for advanced technologies to enable remote working. With that in mind, the latest solutions 5G Private Network, Nuclias Connect, Nuclias Cloud e Smart Home, from D-Link, are specifically designed to support this new era of connectivity.

D-Link: what will we see at MWC 2021?

D-Link: reti private 5G

Traditional fixed broadband can be expensive and challenging for large enterprises to deploy, especially in suburban or rural areas. The 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) delivers the high-bandwidth and low-latency connection that enterprises need to work remotely, at a lower cost to Internet service providers. At MWC, D-Link will showcase its latest technologies for corporate 5G private networks, including a new one gateway 5G offering robust security and high reliability to address critical wireless communication requirements for industrial applications.

D-Link: Nuclias Connect

D-Link’s on-premise network management is private, secure, and integrates into a company’s existing IT infrastructure to enable complete management and supervision. With Nuclias Connect and its wide range of compatible devices, including access point Wi-Fi 6, smart switches and a new network controller hub, SMEs that embrace remote working can build and manage the surveillance network they need to optimize productivity. In addition, to further support the new ways of working, Nuclias Connect also features high scalability, easy multi-site management and advanced analytics.

D-Link: what will we see at MWC 2021?

D-Link: Nuclias Cloud

Businesses are still facing new post-pandemic challenges, including budget constraints, lack of IT resources, inadequate network security, and decreased productivity. Taking these obstacles into account, Nuclias Cloud offers an economical solution that solves them, and allows you to quickly deploy and easily maintain le reti cloud-managed, minimizing costs and maximizing resources. Nuclias Cloud provides secure access to the corporate network, unlimited scalability, zero touch deployment, and role and privilege-based access control. D-Link will introduce new advanced features and compatible devices, such as Wi-Fi 6 access points and a new cloud-managed SD-WAN gateway.

Smart Home

The demand for faster, higher capacity connectivity has increased exponentially around the world as bandwidth-intensive applications are increasingly popular in the home. D-Link’s range of smart home solutions leverages cutting-edge technologies of AI, Wi-Fi 6, 5G and Mesh to deliver the speed and powerful capabilities that standard wired broadband connections can’t. At MWC, D-Link will unveil the latest smart surveillance cameras, a USB Wi-Fi 6 adapter, the AI ​​series and the new CPE Outdoor 5G / LTE.

We’ll be hoping for more on D-Link products in the coming days, so stay tuned!

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