Sonic comes full speed to Roblox

SEGA ha approvato un progetto che prevede un nuovo gioco Sonic su Roblox thumbnail

Sonic Speed ​​Simulator is a new game available on Roblox, an open world racing game officially approved by SEGA.

Sonic comes full speed to Roblox!

Announced yesterday (April 13) by the developer Gamefam Studios, Sonic Speed ​​Simulator is a new Roblox game dedicated to the famous video game character SEGA, who approved the project. This comes as a multiplayer, open world racing game, with five different levels.

“Players will be able to level up and gain speed as they compete in unique new worlds against their friends to earn rewards. These also include pets, which increase the character’s stats, and skins from the Sonic universe ”reads the official press release reported by Eurogamer. Gamefam Studios also announced that the game will receive weekly updates. To play it, you’ll need to purchase it for 50 Robux, and it’s playable on all platforms that support Roblox (PC, mobile, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S).

In the meantime, just last week the film Sonic 2 was released. In reviewing it, our Daniele wrote: “Particularly successful is the CGI graphic rendering of the characters, improved from the first chapter. Despite the features, it is soon forgotten that Sonic and his friends are characters inserted posthumously in the shoot. From the interactions with the real actors, to the reaction of the environment around them, everything is done in the best way to make us believe that they are right there ”. You can read the full review here.