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Dacia Jogger test drive

Available in Dacia dealerships for a couple of months, the new Jogger was the protagonist of a short test drive that took us from the traffic of Milan to the quiet of the Oltrepò Pavese. A test in two typical scenarios that will involve the buyers of this “family” che, for the famous “quality-price” ratio is undoubtedly to be taken into consideration.

The model we drove during our test is the 5-seater version (there is also the 7-seater version) “EXTREME” which is positioned at the top of the offer, with a price of 18,900 euros (turnkey). Since its launch, it should be noted, the Dacia Jogger has undergone two price increases, due to the cost of raw materials. Despite this, even today, this cost is in line with what is offered, both for the type of set-up and for what concerns the engine.

As mentioned, the test drive started in the busy streets of Milan. In this “setting” the Jogger is certainly much less at ease than on state roads and highways. This is due to its size, (4.55 m long and a wheelbase of 2.90 m) which certainly does not help to slip between the cars in the queue. Furthermore, for the same reason, parking will not be the easiest. Therefore, those who live in crowded cities should take into account this feature, which in any case is one of the many (the dimensions and the internal space) that should favor the purchase. P.

Positioning the seat and steering wheel (you can choose between +/- 35 mm for the seat and +/- 20 mm for the steering wheel, we threw ourselves into the Milanese traffic. To help the driver there are the various sensors placed on the sides that warn when , perhaps in the queue, we get too close to the cars on our right or leftParking is made easier thanks to the rear camera of the car that is activated when hanging, reverse gear is engaged. And this driving aid is not optional, but part of the EXTREME package.

Test drive Dacia Jogger, from the Milanese traffic to the little crowded streets of the Oltrepò Pavese

Left the congested Milan we headed towards Villanterio, small town a few kilometers away from Pavia. To get there, we traveled through various state roads and then entered the provincial road with little traffic. In this part of the journey it was possible to appreciate the comfort of the Jogger. The ride is smooth and even when you need to accelerate for a quick overtake, the 100 HP of the engine is felt. We have noticed how when switching from LPG to petrol, the performance does not change. This indicates that the engine performs well even on the least expensive fuelwhich is certainly one of the reasons why this Jogger can appeal to many families.

The interior is one of the nice new features of this model. Everything is taken care of in every aspect, the plastic parts are reduced to a minimum. And those that, for obvious reasons, are present, do not release “creaks” that are heard on models of more established (and decidedly more expensive) brands. Excellent system infotainment which is based on an 8-inch display which can also be combined with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. During the test drive we were able to appreciate how the screen is always clearly visible even in direct sunlight. The integrated navigator took us to our destination smoothly and even when, by choice, we decided not to follow his directions, he promptly recalculated the route.

Special mention for the trunk. Here every family, even the largest, will have all the space available to stow anything, from the stroller, to the suitcases when leaving for the holidays. And if that were not enough, it should be remembered that Jogger, in the version we tested, offers roof load bars. These in the blink of an eye they are configured from vertical along the silhouette of the car, to horizontal with respect to the roof. A nice feature that eliminates the problem of having to buy load bars as in the vast majority of cars on the market.

The road that brought us back from Villanterio to Milan was different from that of the first leg. In this case we also traveled a stretch of motorway, and what was said about performance was also confirmed in this scenario. The car responds well to acceleration and at constant pace no vibrations or other problems are noticed. The 6-speed gearbox is also very responsive and with each press of the accelerator the car immediately picks up speed. And this is not trivial for an LPG-powered model.


With a price of the Dacia Jogger stands as a model that every family that is preparing to change cars should consider. The top version is undoubtedly the one that seems to us to be the most complete for quality-price. There is everything you need, without too many frills, even in terms of driving safety and comfort. Plus, with the price of fuel skyrocketing in this period, the choice of LPG for those who want to save remains the most sensible. In this regard, Dacia in 2023 will adapt to market trends, also offering a version of the plug-in hybrid Jogger.

The complete price list of the Dacia Jogger in all its versions is available at the following link.

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