Dacia Jogger: la nuova familiare sarà al Salone di Monaco 2021 thumbnail

Dacia Jogger: the new family car will be at the 2021 Munich Motor Show

The latest arrival of the Dacia house in 2021 is Dacia Jogger, a versatile 7-seater family car that will be unveiled on 3 September during a digital presentation.. This new model was born as a replacement for Dacia Lodgy, Dacia’s large minivan that has been out of production for some time and was created to embody the pragmatic spirit of the company.

Dacia Jogger: the new family member makes its debut in 2021

With 5 or 7 seats, the new Dacia Jogger is proposed as the ideal car for large families. With the pragmatic spirit that distinguishes it, Dacia offers a vehicle that allows its customers to enjoy, with their loved ones, the small pleasures of life in absolute freedom, it is no coincidence that the name Jogger refers to an imaginary that refers to the open air. .

The appointment with the new Dacia Jogger is for 3 September at 10.00 during a 100% digital event.
It will only be from 6 September, at the Munich Motor Show, that the family will be shown in an outdoor setting, in the presence of Denis Le Vot, General Manager of Dacia. In addition to the presentation of the Dacia Jogger, there will be several original events at the gates of the fairgrounds and from 7 September in the very heart of the city.

Here is the official description of the car that can be read on the official website: “Jogger is a simple, modern name, easy to pronounce and understand all over the world. It embodies dynamism, positive energy, but also the outdoor spirit. The suffix “ER”, like that of Duster, Dacia’s legendary SUV, evokes the robustness and resistance of an inevitable companion for the daily life of Dacia families ”.

In conclusion, we don’t know much about the technical details of the Dacia Jogger yet, but it looks like we won’t have to wait long to hear new news about it.

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