Dacia Spring 2024: here is the price with incentives

On the occasion of the new restyling of the Dacia Spring 2024, the company has set a new price that can be reached with incentives and the car will be delivered in September

With the new restyling of the Dacia Spring 2024, the Dacia car catalog expands even further. This new model of the Spring version will in fact keep company with the new Dacia Sandero and Jogger models, thus making the choice for customers even wider among the various products available from the company. Among other things, it will be possible to purchase the Dacia Spring 2024 at a truly incredible, crazy price. In fact, we are talking about alone 4.150 euro. The restyling model has undergone various changes both from the outside and the inside, with the start of new orders of the new electric car. Not only are there significant changes to the body and interior of the car, but we can also find a new one in it state-of-the-art infotainment systemthe same one found on the Dacia Duster.

Dacia Spring 2024: here is the price with incentivesDacia Spring 2024: here is the price with incentives

Dacia Spring 2024: very low price for the restyling

What has remained unchanged, in reality, on the 2024 restyling of the Dacia Spring is the powertrain. As in the case of the current model, the new Spring can be chosen either in the version with 45 HP electric motor that gives 65 CV. Furthermore the battery remains 28,3 kWh and the car's autonomy also remains unchanged, always staying on track 220 km, at least according to the WLTP cycle. This new car is offered in 3 different setups for private individuals and, in addition to these, Dacia also offers 4 versions for professionals.

The best part, however, is that this restyling can be purchased at a very low price also thanks to the new incentives that will arrive by the first week of May. The Dacia Spring 2024 version can in fact be purchased at a price of 4.150 euro (to spend this expense you must have an ISEE under 30,000 euros per year and a Euro 2 car to be scrapped. Speaking of deliveries, these new models should arrive in dealerships by the month of September.

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