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Dacia Spring, sales make it the most popular electric in October 2021

When we tried it earlier this year, we saw potential in this little electric, and the ability to become one of the best-selling electric cars on the Italian market. And today, after a few months of settling in, the sales of Dacia Spring are proving us right. Ad October 2021, in fact, little Spring was there best-selling electric car in Italy, and the tenth in Europe in September. Let’s see the data in detail and try to understand the advantages that are bringing luck to this small car of the Romanian brand.

The success of Dacia Spring: the best-selling electric in Italy in October, tenth in Europe

That Dacia Spring was one of the most interesting electric cars launched in 2021 it was already known when, in the very first months of the year, Dacia removed the veils from its small car. The first electric car from the low-cost house of the Renault Group, and also the first superutilitaria or city car by Dacia, the Spring needed a few months of settling.

In fact, in the first months of 2021, sales had struggled to take off, in Italy as in Europe. After the arrival of the definitive versions, the Confort and Confort Plus, and the greater availability in the Old Continent, the little Spring began to to convince. In Europe, for example, sales of Dacia Spring touched in the month of September the excellent number of 4,166 units sold. To put this number in perspective, aside from the untouchable Tesla Model 3, which blatantly took the title of best-selling car this month, Dacia Spring took the tenth place, about 2,000 cars from its Group’s best seller, the Zoe.

And in Italy? Well, in the Bel Paese the sales of Dacia Spring are taking off. In fact, in October 2021 Dacia Spring totaled 1,777 registrations. A number that, on its own, does not say much, but that is contextualized by a whole other picture. Spring was in fact the third best-selling Segment A car in October, behind only the unbeatable FIAT Panda and 500. Among the electric, however, it was the best-selling ever, detaching of about 700 FIAT 500 Elettrica units, stops at just over 1,000. Considering instead the whole of 2021, Spring has totaled in Italy 4,274 registrations, in fifth place among the electric behind FIAT 500E, Smart ForTwo, Renault Twingo and Tesla Model 3, and in front of big sister Zoe.

The reasons for the record sales of Dacia Spring: correct price, simplicity and immediate availability

But why is Dacia Spring having this great success? I reasons behind a surge in sales are mainly three: the sale price, the right project and almost immediate availability. But let’s go with due order, starting from its price list. Dacia Spring is in fact offered to a starting price of 19,900 euros for the basic Confort version, which rise to just under 22,000 for the Confort Plus version. At this price, you have climate, Bluetooth radio (with 7 ″ screen and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto on Confort Plus), central locking and little other. The car of the Romanian company with Chinese genes is in fact a ‘electric back to basics, where there is only the indispensable and little more.

This made it possible to lower the price, which today is the lowest for a new electric, even without incentives. In addition, as mentioned, the project is spot on and right for the needs that a car of this type must satisfy. Thanks to a length of less than 3.70 m, a featherweight of 970 kg and a real range of about 200 km in mixed cycle, Dacia Spring is proposed as the perfect city electric. Small, light, agile and snappy, and thanks to the small battery of about 27 kWh it can be recharged with a few euros and in a short time. In a world of hyper-technological, hyper-connected and super-fast electric, the small 44 HP Spring, 0-100 km / h in 18 seconds, mechanical key and only two speakers for the radio it offers all the essentials, without anything superfluous.

The third real strong point of Spring, however, is his availability. In a period in which the European and American houses are strongly suffering the damages of the semiconductor crisis, Spring is almost exempt. Because? The reason is very simple: Dacia Spring is in fact produced in China, together with its “twin” for the local market, the Renault K-ZE. And as we all know, China is the world’s leading semiconductor producer. A car produced in the People’s Republic then that, net of the long shipment, it is experiencing almost no slowdown in its production. And if direct rivals struggle to produce, Spring comes from the East more charged than ever to convince Europeans to choose it.

After the sales exploit, could Dacia Spring become the new market phenomenon?

These are therefore the reasons why the sales of Dacia Spring are skyrocketing, exceeding the public’s expectations of it. Of course, if you are looking for space, cutting-edge technology and dream performance, the little Spring is not the right car. But the little Dacia does not lie offering these things: Spring is an honest car, offering the essentials and delivering on its promises.

The union of this utilitarian and essential soul, the bargain price and the continuous availability have set up everything that was needed for a surprising exploit. But it’s time for the fun to come: will Dacia Spring be able to convert these surprising sales into a constant one? Looking at the numbers, for now Spring has doubled its direct rival at home, the Renault Twingo E-TECH. Will Spring be one of the protagonists of the transition to electric mobility? The premises are all there and speak of a success announced in Italy and in Europe, but only by living the next few months will we be able to find out. Meanwhile, the British are clamoring for the small electric, which has not yet arrived in the United Kingdom: only they are missing to join the Spring Festival …

Here you can find the Dacia Spring test drive!

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