Dagger Pro 650W review: SFX PSU with two CPU connectors!

Dagger Pro 650W review: SFX power supply with two connectors for the CPU. Today we will see in detail a power supply from the FSP Group, it is a model belonging to the Dagger family, how will it behave?

FSP Group, one of the leading manufacturers of power supplies and electronics solutions in Taiwan, company founded in 1993, introduced the series to the market Dagger Pro in 2019, on the occasion of Computex. The Dagger Pro family, consisting of three models; 550W, 650W e 750W, they share a common factor, namely being built in SFX format, great for Small Form Factor systems, therefore with limited space available.

Despite this, the Dagger Pro family offers products with modular design and certification 80 plus gold. At first glance, the technical data sheet of this Dagger Pro seems to be very respectable, power ensured by one Single Rail unica a 12V, present a Multiple Intelligence Ability control chip, design DC-DC, e Japanese capacitors. And last but not least, it is one of the few SFX power supplies equipped with two high-end CPU (EPS) connectors.

So, no more chatter, let’s get to the heart of the review, and try to find out how this Taiwanese home product manages to stand out in the market.

Dagger Pro 650W review: SFX PSU with two CPU connectors!

Unboxing and design | Dagger Pro 650W review

On the box of this Dagger Pro we find the main features illustrated. Inside, we find a certain attention to detail, on the left we have the PSU inserted in a sponge casing to protect it, the instruction manuals, and on the left the mass of cables. Then we find the screws, and the plate for the installation.

What cables do we find? We have first of all 2 8-pin EPS12V connectors for the CPU, 700 mm. A connettore ATX 20+4 pin, two PCIe connectors, the classics 6 + 2. We then 5 SATA connectors, and one molex.

The power supply has a sober design, devoid of RGB lights, and with gold references to the brand logo and product name. We have the on-off zone with tasto On / Off, and the classic area with a ventilation grid. The structure is solid, and then we have the fan, a 92mm model to double ball bearingIt is difficult to fit a larger fan into an SFX system.

In terms of size we have it across the board 100 x 125 x 63,5 mm, therefore we are in full compatibility for SFX systems, compatible with Case ATX, Micro ATX, e mini ITX. Lastly, weighs 1 kg.

Let’s analyze its structure | Dagger Pro 650W review

Guaranteed for 200,000 hours of work, and with a efficiency equal to 90% of maximum, we have in front of a power supply that despite its size offers a respectable power, but let’s go in order.

FSP Group has equipped this PSU with all the main protection circuits for always guaranteed stability. In fact, we find the Over Voltage Protection, the Under Voltage Protection, the Over Power Protection, the Over Temperature Protection, the Over Current Protection, and finally the Short Circuit Protection. Tested to work up to one temperature of 40 degrees.

But getting to the heart of the data sheet, we have for the line 3.3V and 5V, 20A respectively for both, for an expressed power of 120W max, instead for the line 12V, with 54A, 648W are delivered.

But let’s get to the point, and let’s talk about quality and components. First we find a PCB Double-sided, and a structure consisting of two compartments. We have the first sector composed of Switches and Mosfets, and the second department composed of capacitors. Stopping at the first department we find Diodes and Mosfets produced by Nippon and Infineon, top quality components, such as theHold-up Cap Nippon Chemi-Con, or the Main Switch Infineon SPA17N80C3, a high quality product capable of reaching 0.29 Ohm.

Moving on instead to the 12V line to drive with 120 A and 2.3 mOhm, we find a 2 Infineon IPP023NE7N3 of the class G. As for the capacitors we find gods Japanese Nippon Chemi-Con (one), and well quattro Rubycon. Therefore, in terms of quality we really have nothing to say, for this type of product, and for its price, the quality is really high. The power supply is made on the basis of a ACRF platform, which goes well with SFX-type PSUs, creatures that allow you to reach for short periods of time, greater power if necessary, with current stability.

Usage and functionality | Dagger Pro 650W review

We have tested this PSU on multiple platforms with different processors and different VGAs. In no case have we encountered any problems, however the reference test bench will be the following.

  • Motherboard: Asus TUF Gaming B550 Plus
  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X
  • Ram: 32 GB Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO
  • Video Card: RTX 2080 MSI Ventus
  • Case: O11 Dynamic Mini Snow Edition

Dagger Pro 650W review: SFX PSU with two CPU connectors!

The Dagger Pro proved to be an excellent SFX platform. The platform of the Dagger has good build quality, and the presence of the Infineons, and the Rubycon and Chemi-Con capacitors, is felt. We tested the PSU in question with the Case O11 Dynamic Mini Snow Edition, of which you can find the review here, and in which this FSP Group Dagger Pro fits perfectly in a configuration, just for compatibility reasons, being a SFX system.

In different usage scenarios, under maximum stress, even under overclocking and stress testing to exploit the maximum consumption of components, our machine has always worked correctly without running into stability problems. Instead, we also detected a very minimal noise, about 40/44 dBA measured.

Conclusions and price

With Dagger Pro the FSP Group house has managed to produce a compact and powerful product, without sacrificing quality, which remains very high. It is rare to find two connectors dedicated to the CPU in an SFX PSU, so we can use this power supply even with more energy-intensive CPUs.

Dagger Pro 650W review: SFX PSU with two CPU connectors!

The quality in terms of construction and components is not in question, starting with the Japanese 105C capacitors, which also ensure greater longevity to the product. Speaking of longevity, we have 7 year guarantee.

Speaking of price, however, we can find it around 110/120, absolutely affordable for its quality, and we can only recommend it. If you want to continue to know the latest news from the hardware world, keep following us. Greetings from TechGameWorld.com.

Recommended for SFX systems!

Points in favor

  • Value for money
  • Top notch capacitors
  • Build quality
  • Quiet fan

Points against

  • Other competitors offer a 10-year warranty