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Damsel 2: here’s what we know, will it happen?

Juan Carlos Fresnadillo would like to make Damsel 2, specifying that that universe actually offers numerous possibilities for the future: here’s what we know

Damsel could continue her adventures on screen according to Juan Carlos Fresnadillo. The director is convinced that the film with Millie Bobby Brown offers numerous ideas for the future and paves the way for numerous stories in that fantasy universe. The first chapter introduces Princess Elodie, betrothed to an unknown prince whose kingdom appears green and prosperous unlike the arid and inhospitable one from which Elodie’s family comes. But not everything that glitters is gold. After the ceremony and having sealed everything with a blood pact, Elodie ends up in the lair of a mighty dragon and will discover that the royal family has built a dense network of lies over the centuries, deceiving even such a noble and endangered creature .

Distributed in streaming on Netflix from March 8, 2024Damsel allowed Millie Bobby Brown to play another heroine from her repertoire. After Stranger Things and Enola Holmes, Princess Elodie has proven to be a damsel in distress who can also handle herself. The fight for survival will become his main objective in Damsel, but as he gets closer to the truth, he understands that the real enemy is not that creature in the cave, but who has been pulling the strings from behind the scenes all that time, deceiving them both. How could Damsel continue her story?

Damsel 2: what do we know about the possible sequel?

Interviewed in recent days, the director addressed the possibility of a sequel to Damsel, admitting that much will depend on the reaction of the public. In any case he would be delighted to work on a sequel and anticipated that the world proposed in Damsel is capable of expanding.

I would be delighted to make a sequel to Damsel. But obviously we have to wait and see what the audience will think, how they will react to the film. It’s true that Damsel’s universe is truly open. Above all due, as we know, to the new configuration of the family. In the story there is this new member, we shouldn’t say too much about it, but it invites you to think about other adventures together. So if that happens I’ll be really happy to do it.

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