Jos Verstappen asks for a truce with Christian Horner

These are really difficult and tough times for the entire world of Formula 1, the worst period among other things. This is why Jos Verstappen asked Christian Horner for a truce

More than sports, this type of entertainment seems more like real entertainment telenovela. There hasn’t been any gossip in the world of Formula 1 for a long time and, considering all these precedents, including the complaint from the former Red Bull employee to the FIA ​​directly against the team principal and former British driver. In this war, factions have been created anti e pro Hornerbut the main battle is fought by the aforementioned Christian Horner and Jos Verstappen, the father of Max Verstappen, which is giving its best in this new season. Something not to be underestimated, why keep your concentration in your stable when a real race is underway war for power it’s not simple at all. However, regarding this, there are some interesting updates.

Jos Verstappen asks for a truce with Christian Horner

Truce between Jos Verstappen and Christian Horner, for the good of Max and Red Bull

Since the scandal involving the team principal, Jos Verstappen has begun to believe Horner a danger to the team. According to him, if he remained in power, Red Bull would collapse, which is why this war began between the two. But considering the situation and the benefits 22 GPs to comeJos Verstappen thought it was best to calm the waters, at least for the moment, so that Max Verstappen compete to the best of his ability keeping calm. To maintain calm, there is a need for there to be no more feuds, battles, arguments and anything else that could be harmful to the team. Which is why the father of the undisputed champion wanted to ask Christian Horner for a truce and resume the conversation at the end of the season.

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