David Cronenberg returns to directing with Crimes of the Future

After seven years of waiting, David Cronenberg announces his new film, Crimes of the future: will it be a remake?

It’s been seven years since the director who inaugurated the body horror, David Cronenberg, worked on a film project. It was 2014 and the film was Maps to the stars, starring Julianne Moore, John Cusack, Mia Wasikowska and Robert Pattinson. Since then, Cronenberg has devoted himself mainly to writing, even seeing two scripts rejected for a miniseries by the giant Netflix.

Finally the Canadian director is ready to go back behind the camera, and probably his new project will be a treat for all his fans. The confirmation came very recently: David Cronenberg will return to science fiction with Crimes of the Future.

Crimes of the Future: un remake per David Cronenberg?

His longtime fans will know full well that this title is not new to his filmography. Crimes of the Future dates back to 1970 and is in fact his second feature film as a director. The young and ambitious Cronenberg also oversaw the script, editing, photography and production. The film is set in 1997 and takes us into a dystopian future in which the adult female population has been killed by the side effects of a cosmetic product. The dermatologist who triggered this epidemic, Dr. Antoine Rouge, mysteriously disappears. Meanwhile, men in a medical clinic engage in aberrant experiments in an attempt to find a solution to the impossibility of procreation.

David Cronenberg returns to directing with Crimes of the Future

Cronenberg’s low-budget film began to delve into all the themes most dear to him: the relationship with technology, the human body, the flesh and its mutations, the psyche, the sexual instincts. We don’t know if this new project will be a remake, but we hope so. According to what was declared by Viggo Mortensen a few months ago, the director is working on a project close to the origins of his filmography, halfway between horror and science fiction:

It’s a story he wrote a long time ago and is now refining it. If all goes well, we will shoot this summer.

This can only mean one thing: Viggo Mortensen will be one of the protagonists, having collaborated with Cronenberg on the splendid A history of violence (2005) and The promise of the assassin (2007), and the less successful A Dangerous Method (2011).

Filming on Crimes of the Future will begin in August in Greece, and producer Robert Lantos said about it:

I can’t wait to go back to Greece to shoot another movie. It has been 14 years since we shot Fugitive Pieces in Athens, Hydra and Mitilini, an experience of which I have fond and positive memories. Athens is the perfect setting for Crimes Of The Future, as it’s tailored to David Cronenberg’s unique vision of a future that mixes with the past.

We can’t wait to find out more about David Cronenberg’s new project! What do you think? Would you like a remake or something completely new? Let us know with a comment and keep following us on this page, where you will find all the news on cinema and TV series!

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