Days Gone: the ex-director reveals how the sequel should have been

Jeff Ross, former director of Bend Studio and creator of Days Gone, reveals in an interview with USA Today how the sequel to his game should have been presented

Sony’s decision not to create a sequel to Days Gone No.It didn’t go down well with Jeff Ross, the now ex-director by Bend Studio. In a previous interview, he revealed that every proposal made to Sony regarding the production of a new title by his studio seemed not to be really considered by the company. Ross had indeed exhibited some ideas about new productions, and the option of a second chapter of Days Gone could have had real possibilities when Shawn Layden was in charge of PlayStation; however, with his abandonment the situation was completely reversed.

And while the director had also spoken to Sony about a new Resistance game, the company had placed a counteroffer, proposing a reboot or remake of Siphon Filter instead. In short, the two sides were moving in completely different directions, and this was probably one of the main reasons Ross left the studio later on. But how would a potential Days Gone sequel turn out?

The never-released sequel to Days Gone

In the interview with USA Today, the director was able to speak quite openly about his philosophies in the creation of video games, also giving several interesting explanations regarding the making of his title. It also makes a comparison between Days Gone the most popular franchises, such as Batman: Arkham or the Uncharted saga, which have more and more features and new additions as their sequels are made. He argues that we start with building a minimally viable product, in the hope of being able to make a second one. According to him, this happens because we will not discuss what the game is based on, but the new ideas that will be inserted.

Days Gone: the ex-director reveals how the sequel should have been

In a hypothetical Days Gone 2, Jeff Ross would have had the possibility of creating a “definitive version”, so that he can maintain, alter and expand what he has worked on. In the following there would be Deacon again as the protagonist, this time accompanied by his wife Sarah. But even if they are together, the couple may not necessarily be completely happy; the two were married before the apocalypse, but have no idea what the future holds. Even the dubious NERO technology used by the government would have received a further evolution, increasing the combat capabilities of the survivors. And, of course, there would always be the iconic motorcycle. Other important additions would have concerned the opportunity to swim, and a world made much more alive and dynamic.

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