Unveiled the official trailer for Forever Skies, the new action survival

Forever Skies is the brand new action-survival game coming to PC in the course of 2022 and recently the new one was published official trailer on PlayStation 5. According to what has been revealed, in fact, the title will initially be released on PC and, later, will arrive on our consoles. Let’s find out all the details together.

The Forever Skies trailer

Two years ago, a group of Polish industry veterans AAA launched a new studio in Wrocław with the aim of create next-gen, “AA +” games. Now, Far From Home is ready to unveil its debut project: a sci-fi survival game about climate disaster called Forever Skies.

Originally codenamed “Project Oxygen,” Forever Skies is a game first-person action / survival taking place on a ruined Earth years after a huge climate disaster which makes it uninhabitable. It is expected launch on PC in Early Access later this year, with a version for next-gen console following.

With the announcement, Far From Home shared a teaser trailer for Forever Skies that gives players an idea of ​​what they will experience in the post-apocalyptic world. You play as one scientist which returns to Earth in an airship that will be used as a base while the ruins are explored in search of a cure for the disease that devastates the remaining population of survivors, who wait in orbit.

Since the toxic clouds have taken over the earth’s ground level, you will be spending a lot of time in your blimp or on top of the tall buildings. The game features elements of crafting, the construction of bases, the sowing, the Research and finally the combat. The latter, however, is a topic that Far From Home wants to keep hidden, a bit like the creatures that lurk under toxic clouds.

At the moment we have no further information on the title. To stay up to date, however, you can consult the official website.

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