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DAZN: how to request a refund

Have you encountered malfunctions and disservices? In this article we will show you how to request a refund from DAZN. Let’s find out all the details

Unfortunately, as we underlined in our article dedicated to moments when DAZN doesn’t work and what to do when it happens, DAZN has often been a negative protagonist due to a series of outages and malfunctions that happen every now and then. The moment you notice such disruptions and are damaged by them, you have the opportunity to ask for a refund which will be disbursed to 25% or al 50%in some cases it decides DAZN itself to repay the 100% of the amount.

How to request a refund from DAZN following disservices?

Request a refund from DAZN, therefore, it is absolutely possible and it is a procedure that we advise everyone to do when disservices and malfunctions affect your vision. To do that you have to follow steps and “respect” some criteria that you can read directly on this page. Here we will summarize the fundamental points of this procedure that we advise you to read very carefully:

  • The user who intends to request a refund must submit his request (the Request) within 7 calendar days of DAZN making available the playback data relating to the event in question.
  • The Request must be sent by the season ticket holder.
  • The user must also accompany the Request with a screenshot or with a photograph in PNG or JPEG format of the data reported on the Misurainternet test or other Speed ​​test carried out during the use of the event.
  • Requests sent to the following e-mail addresses will be taken into consideration: [email protected] or PEC [email protected].
  • Requests sent in forms other than the Form or versions of the Form or attachments that are not in the indicated formats will not be taken into consideration.

DAZN: how to request a refund

In these aforementioned points reference is made to one specific form for requesting a refund, a form that must be filled in with your data and with all the information requested and which you can find by clicking here. We also remind you that you can subscribe to DAZN or renew the one you already have by accessing directly from here. Let us know with a comment what you think and if this article was useful to you.

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