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TikTok, the alternatives: all similar apps

I TikTok short videos have captured the attention of millions of users: the success of the social platform is undeniable. Users especially appreciate the ability of the algorithm that shows videos to offer interesting content, capable of enchanting us even for a long time. For this reason, find alternatives to TikTok it’s not easy: but there are several apps and platforms that offer a similar experience, even if not really the same – iIn this article we talk about the best.

TikTok, the best alternatives to social media

There are many reasons to adore TikTok. Lets create interesting trends, that help you stay up to date on internet culture but also on various topics: from #bookTok for book lovers to politics, the app isn’t just for funny videos. Though there are a great many of them, providing much-appreciated entertainment – ​​TikTok is full of really brilliant creatorsso it is difficult to find alternatives.

But there are also criticisms: such as those coming from the United States, where several government agencies have banned the app. Users might have several reasons to look for alternatives to TikTok: even just curiosity. So let’s go see what the best options are.

Great platforms with similar functions

For simplicity, we’ve divided our list of TikTok alternative apps between large social platforms with similar functionality and lesser-known services. Let’s start with the bigger platforms – so big that you probably already have an account.

YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts how it works

No doubt most of you are familiar with it YouTubeMaybe you already have an established YouTube channel. But in response to TikTok, the app rolled out the ability to have short clips, which they only last 60 seconds or less.

The good news is that usually the Short di YouTube they attract different audiences, helping the growth of the channel. As an already established platform, the policies and possibilities to monetize videos are simple and convenient. For creators, it’s a great environment – ​​and therefore video products are usually quality

I Reels the Instagram

Instagram Reels

Instagram remains one of the most popular social media platforms, so it can be a perfect alternative to TikTok – the audience is large and active. Instagram Reel allows you to post short clipswhich can get great views too.

The simplicity with which to create Reels, even starting from posts or Stories, makes using this new tool simple. And if you already have a good Instagram following, it might become one of the best TikTok alternatives with little effort.


snapchat with lala

Snapchat offers several tools for creating and sharing videos. Indeed, often many innovations that we see on other social networks are born right here. While it is famous for its Stories, it offers several other features, ranging from messaging to video sharing. All this, taking advantage of the augmented reality filters created by the fervent community.

The platform in Italy does not have the success it has in other parts of the world (for example the United States), but it offers advanced functions and many possibilities for experimentation for creativesthe. If you have never tried it, you will have a lot of fun.

The alternative platforms to TikTok you’ve never heard of

In addition to the large social networks, there are diverse alternative a TikTok that may have never entered your radar. Don’t expect large communities: they are not the best place to do marketing and make money with social networks. But they are interesting to try.


alternative a tiktok funimate min

Funimate was born as a video editor, but with some interesting social features. It therefore becomes an opportunity for those who want to try alternatives to TikTok without completely abandoning the platform: in fact, you can create professional-level overlays or transitions of the app with custom animations and then also post on TikTok.

The Funimate community offers support to improve your project, which you can then share across multiple platforms. A way to experiment and improve the your skills as a social videomaker, with a community that helps you.


Likee alternative a tiktok min

A rather complete alternative to TikTok is Like, which offers several of the features TikTok is known for. It has videos, recorded short films, live streaming and built-in social features – for example group chats and news pages community for your favorite topics. Also, it has its own AI recommendation algorithm.

Added to this are the possibilities for editing the shorts: stickers, filters and special effects. However, Likee also features adult content, so may not be the most suitable app for children.


trolling alternative tiktok min

Rolls is an app that focuses on creating and presenting music videos. It has a built-in video editor and artificial intelligence that presents you with the best clips. It therefore allows musicians to launch their own creations. But it also turns out to be interesting for who wants to create short films or personal vlogs using the melodies present on the app.

We also like the functionality of crowdfunding (Thriller Gold) which helps influencers to monetize their content through the support of fans, who support their favorite artists helping them to emerge.

Zoom rank

zoomerang tiktok alternative min

Zoom rank it can be one of the best TikTok alternatives for short video production. Especially for simplicity: there are templates, tutorials, artistic effects and filters, text fonts and gifs/stickers to make your videos special.

You can also post content on Zoomerang but also on other popular platforms like TikTok, Youtube and Snapchat. So Zoom rank can act as a multimedia creation studio for all your clips.

These are the best alternatives to TikTok, both among the big platforms and among the lesser known novelties. For all your social needs.

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