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Db-Line: great success for their Mystery Boxes

Db-Line has successfully launched the first edition of its Mystery Box, let’s find out together

Db-Line, a distribution company for over 30 years active in the gaming, toys, merchandise and collectibles sectors, has successfully launched the first edition of its Mystery Box. A box full of surprises linked to the best products in the entertainment world signed by the main brands. This is a special initiative that is aimed at a broad target of users and not just fans of the most famous great series, such as Harry Potter, Pokémon or Stranger Things. The Mystery Box (348 items were used to produce the first batch) can be purchased both in physical stores (including those of the GamePeople proprietary chain) and online.

The Mystery Box consists of more than 10 products per prezzo highly competitive of 29.99 euros instead of 59 euros. A great “surprise”, enclosed in a box about 40 cm wide and 25 long (therefore practical to transport) and with attention to packaging, where it is possible to find gadgets and products of great appeal because they are linked to the main licenses. Among these T-Shirts, DVDs, the iconic Funko POP!, keychains and much more. In short, all those merchandise and collectibles linked to the most famous brands in the entertainment world that Db-Line has carefully selected. The Mystery Box, as the name suggests, leaves a veil of mystery: but the beauty of a purchase of this type is the pleasure of the surprise effect, because the quality of the products is fully guaranteed.

Db-Line: the results of 2022

The launch of the first edition of the Mystery Box is just one of the recent initiatives carried out, which joins the intense activity of expanding its portfolio of exclusive and official distributions. In 2022 (between official and exclusive) seven new brands became part of the company’s portfolio: Frank & Geeks, Disney Showcase, Disney TraditionsWizarding World, Subsonic, Infinite e Marvel Mission Arena Trading Card Game. And since the beginning of this year the stable has been further enriched with other brands such as Plastoy and Teknofun. A significant confirmation of the profuse commitment to bring highly competitive and original products to the Italian market, to which Db-Line has historically supported the provision of a widespread, flexible and reliable service towards partners in the retail channel. Marco SalminiCEO of Db-Line, said:

2022 has been a very intense and engaging year for Db-Line. We are also constantly working in this first part of 2023 to renew and integrate our catalogue, where the video game sector remains a cornerstone, through a series of products linked to highly appealing brands and licenses, competitive in terms of price, capable of bringing a breath of originality on the market, and which saw us among the protagonists of the 2023 edition of the B2B Toys Milano event. It was a demanding job but one that materialized thanks to the experience, expertise and competence of our purchasing manager, Franco Cicchello and our sales office manager, Romina Radaelli. The results we have achieved are certainly more than satisfactory: in the calendar year 2022 we recorded a turnover of over 52 million euros, up on the 48 million euros of 2021.

Db-Line: great success for their Mystery Boxes

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