Non sai cosa indossare? Fatti consigliare dall'AI di Zalando thumbnail

Not sure what to wear? Get advice from Zalando’s AI

ZalandoEurope’s largest online fashion and lifestyle platform, has announced something that promises to revolutionize the online fashion discovery and shopping experience: an AI-powered fashion assistant (AI) by ChatGPT.

It is a tool that will be integrated into Zalando’s apps and website and will allow customers to interact with the platform using natural language. In this way, customers will be able to express their requests in a simpler and more intuitive way, without having to use filters or predefined categories.

How does Zalando AI work?

The fashion assistant will be able to understand the customers’ context and preferences and provide them with personalized suggestions, based on both the occasion and the climate. For example, if a customer asks “What can I wear to a wedding in Madrid in May?”, the fashion assistant will reply with a written explanation and a selection of products suitable for the event, taking into account the location’s climate at that particular time of year.

The fashion assistant will also allow customers to continue the conversation to refine the results and find the perfect product. The first beta version will be launched by spring for a small group of customers in Germany, Ireland, the United Kingdom and Austria, with support in English and German.

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This technology will represent a novelty in the way of exploring Zalando’s offer, which has over 2000 brands and millions of products. The goal is to offer customers fashion inspiration that is closest to their tastes and needs, making browsing more fun and engaging.

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