Dead Space Remake will have revamped mechanics from the original

Dead Space Remake gives us a first taste of the new dismemberment mechanics and the renewed zero gravity section

Yesterday we announced that Dead Space Remake would have been the protagonist of a small streaming event, through which the guys from Motive Studios (the EA team that takes care of the works) would have shared some details related to the long-awaited return of the beloved survival horror. And in the evening, as promised, through Twitch it was possible to take a closer look at the state of the work, which although they are still in the initial stages of pre-production, have given a perfect idea of ​​what will be the direction of the remake.

Dead Space Remake reveals new gameplay mechanics

Among the topics touched upon during the online event, the speech relating to the renewed system of dismemberment of the opponents, a clear sign of how the team has chosen not to focus only on offering a renewed graphics sector. Nibel also thought about the improvements, who through Twitter highlighted how the remake adopts a new mechanism linked to damage to bodies: the flesh can now be torn from the enemies, so as to have a clear indication of what the remaining vitality will be.

The same weapons will have different behaviors, with some that will be more suitable for splitting meat, while others will be more devoted to dismemberment. Enemies will consequently have a new damage model, able to adapt to the hits suffered.

A small space has also been reserved for the Zero-G Therapy Room, which although it is still in an embryonic state, has shown how they have been the operating mechanisms have been completely revised. The player will have a 360 ° freedom of movement, as well as i reactors seen in Dead Space 2. The team also promised new paths, characterized by unprecedented challenges. Also confirmed the return of Gunner Wright, the original voice of Isaak, who will return to play the unfortunate survivor of the Ishimura in the English dub version.

Dead Space Remake is currently in production for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 e PC, with an exit pointing to the end of 2022. We at, as always, will not fail to keep you updated on all the developments of the case. Meanwhile, if you are looking for titles at a discounted price, we invite you to visit the Instant Gaming pages, where you can find many offers dedicated to the world of video games.

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