Lynk & Co On Tour arrives in Italy in Milan, Naples and Turin

Lynk & Co On Tour arriva in Italia a Milano, Napoli e Torino thumbnail

Lynk & Co On Tour finally lands in our country, landing in 3 major cities: Milano, Naples e Torino. It is not the classic marketing activation, but a real experience that wants to reflect the urban revolution proposed by the service.

For the uninitiated, Lynk & Co On Tour is a monthly subscription service for car rental, which aims to offer the simplicity and absence of constraints of a subscription like Netflix, for example. The brand also wants to work on the green technology of its fleet and on environmental sustainability.

The company’s words on the Link & Co On Tour

Here is the company’s comment:

Driving a transformation can be a very long journey, it’s time to get comfortable behind the wheel to understand, touch, experiment and play with the first car concept beyond private ownership and that embraces all-round sustainability, from the subscription rental formula. monthly, sharing, ECONYL® seats, up to the green technology that underlies the mechanics of the vehicle.

It turns ‘mobile stage’ consists of a series of containers that create a meeting place, halfway between a club and a motorhome, in which to drink a good cup of coffee and chat with other motorists. The first stop in Italy will be from 5 to 13 September in Milan, at CityLife in Via Demetrio Stratos.

It will be possible to visit the truck and discover all the functions of the 01, with the opportunity to test it. 01 is Lynk & Co’s car, available in both plug – in hybrid and electric hybrid versions.

It is recommended to book the test drive, for those who intend to live this experience. Just call the toll-free number 800 69 42 00, to reserve your space. They will take place from Monday to Thursday from 10:00 to 20:00 and from Friday to Sunday from 12:00 to 22:00.

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