Death Stranding Director’s Cut: here are all the news of this version

Kojima’s latest effort returned to show itself during the last Opening Night Live. Let’s see together all the news of the Death Stranding Director’s Cut

Before the gameplay of Call of Duty Vanguard, the announcement of the reboot of Saints Row and the new date of Horizon Forbidden West, what all the players were really waiting for was the gameplay with the innovations introduced in the Director’s Cut of Death Stranding. You know, Which ones he has accustomed us to surprise us and it seems that he has succeeded also this time. Gamers, in this update in exclusive per PS5, they will be able to show theirs even more creativity in delivering packages from one side of the map to the other. This thanks to many new gadgets and tools.

Endless fun

But let’s start with order. The improvements and content changes added in the Death Stranding Director’s Cut they are different. Let’s talk about new ones gadget for use in delivery missions, new weapons with which to take out the very intelligent enemies, some mode unpublished and finally, new juicy missions regarding the history main that will make us discover more about the past and the lore of the title. Beyond a narrative post apocalyptic wrapped in authorship and eclecticism with multiple references cultural, Kojima’s title offers a gameplay that few times he had seen himself in the gaming landscape.

Death Stranding Director's Cut: here are all the news of this version

Catapults and cute robots – new Death Stranding Director’s Cut

If in other playful contexts it might seem like a fetch quest, the deliver parcels in Death Stranding is an absolutely original activity and creative. This is thanks to the numerous variables involved: topographical, “weather”, storms, etc. To increase the level of fun in the Director’s Cut some new gadgets have been introduced such as stabilizers, that will allow us to planar and jump from high areas, without suffering particular damage. In addition, one has been added catapult who will be able to fire his own load within a certain range and do so to land gently to the ground.

So, Sam it will be able to travel lighter and recover the load after a certain time distance. Or it could be very useful to avoid AC areas, where the load is always endangered. Finally, the buddy bot, a bipedal robot that, unlike the hoverboard who have limited mobility, can walk and follow Sam up too rough terrain. Even carrying Sam himself on his shoulders. Let’s now see what the game has in store for us in terms of vehicles e new modes.

Death Stranding Director's Cut: here are all the news of this version

Car races and crazy jumps – new Death Stranding Director’s Cut

As for the mobility and in particular the vehicles, several elements have been added. On the one hand we have some ramp which, once built, will allow us to stand out jumps from one side of a cliff to the other and remain suspended just for the time of one photographic shot. On the other hand, a new mode has been added for to race with vehicles. These are real circuits in which to race with the vehicles of the game (plus a pleasant new entry) and establish your own record. Speaking of rankings, the system has been revised ranking online complete with its leaderboard. Before getting to the main course, or the story, let’s see what others mechanical have been added.

Sam, in this Director’s Cut will have one at his disposal Maser Gun. The latter is an electrified pistol that can easily knock out enemies by leaving them stunned. In this regard, a modality has been introduced “training”, in which Sam will have to overcome challenges and training paths and make his way in a way stealth or not between virtual enemies. Also, to make it even more pleasant the player’s journey, have been added 8 new songs originals in the soundtrack. However, it will not yet be possible music playback during free exploration.

Death Stranding Director's Cut: here are all the news of this version

In the depths of the sea – new Death Stranding Director’s Cut

Players who wish to regain all moments more adrenaline rush of Death Stranding, they will be able to. In fact, in this new update, it will be possible face again all the bosses of the game. This, without fearing the slowness of the uploads, given that on PS5 these are almost instantaneous. Once beaten a boss, the game will provide the report of the battle that will take into account the weather of completion, of damage received and of difficulty. To conclude, we can’t wait to find out what lies behind the new missions added in this Director’s Cut. From what could be seen in the trailer, Sam will infiltrate mysterious bunker.

These unusual warehouses will obviously be patrolled by a great many guards armed to the teeth. To overcome them, take an approach stealth it is almost a must, but we think it will be possible to give life to more fights all the same dynamic. Recall that one of the pillars of the title is his freedom of approach. Inside these rooms we can glimpse what they look like mothers died before giving life to BB. At the end of the trailer a scene was shown in which Sam meets a sperm whale floating in the middle of a room, as well as a mysterious hologram of one old lady.

Death Stranding Director's Cut: here are all the news of this version

A continuous discovery

In short, just as Sam must be ready to welcome the truth on his past, players must be ready to welcome all Announcements of this Death Stranding Director’s Cut. Between catapults, ramps and unlikely robots, we’ll see how people find more and more ways originals e funny with which to use these tools. So be ready to re-immerse yourself in the world of Death Stranding. Recall that the Director’s Cut will be released next September 24 exclusively for PS5.

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