Honda Africa Twin are renewed with the debut of the 2022 model

Honda Africa Twin si rinnovano con il debutto del modello 2022 thumbnail

Honda Africa Twin

Honda Africa Twin continues to be a synonym of adventure, even thirty years after its debut. With the arrival of the model 2022, Honda announces several new features in both the CRF1100L Africa Twin standard that the CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports. Among the new features we will find new functional updates, an improvement in the DCT gearbox settings and an even more attractive new look. For enthusiasts, choosing one of Hona’s bikes will bring even more benefits.

The news for the Honda Africa Twin

The standard CRF1100L Africa Twin can count, with the debut of the 2022 model, on the standard aluminum rear rack. For the CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports there is a new windshield that is less extended vertically, but still adjustable in height in 5 positions.

Versions with change DCT, on both models, they register the arrival of new settings that update the release of the clutches in the first two gears. In this way, the Honda Africa Twins become even easier to control both when starting from a standstill and when driving at low speed.

Honda Africa Twin

Aesthetic renewal for the two motorcycles

To complete the news for the Africa Twin there is a real one aesthetic renewal. The two icons of the two duores register new colors and original graphics. The CRF1100L Africa Twin introduces the new “Big Logo” design while the CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports is available with graphics called “Cracked Terrain”.

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