Death Stranding: Director’s Cut, Kojima doesn’t like the game title

The director wants to cut the director’s cut: that’s why Kojima doesn’t seem to love “Death Stranding: Director’s Cut” as the title

Weeks go by and Hideo Kojima he can’t help but talk about himself: what can he ever have against title of Death Stranding: Director’s Cut? We do not mean title as a synonym of game, but we are talking about the name chosen for this re-edition. The game designer has always declared himself a Hollywood buff on a clinical level, to the point of defining his body as “made up of seventy percent films”. It would seem, under normal conditions, that talking about the “director’s cut” is perfect, but apparently this time we are off track. It would seem to be inconsistent, however this is not the case.

Death Stranding: Director’s Cut, a game by Hideo Kojima (but not the title)

It would seem that the title of Death Stranding: Director’s Cut was not chosen by Kojima, according to his tweet today. In the post, translated for the occasion by Reddit users, the game designer vented his concern aboutcontextual inaccuracy behind the name. If you are a cinephile as convinced as the eastern Tarantino you should already have guessed the clarification that Kojima wanted to make. Otherwise, however, we leave you to the post (which allows an automatic translation, in case) to grasp this much sought after fussiness yourself.

Kojima’s undoubted influence will hardly be enough to make a last-minute change to the registry office, but we appreciate that the game designer’s love for cinema goes so far. Long story short, a director’s cut consists of adding previously cut content, while what is about to reach the dead and desolate world of Death Stranding is mostly created from scratch. Kojima’s manic cure never fails to give us ideas for conversation, but the question is only one: how long do you think it will be before we talk about Abandoned again?

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